Governments, organisations and private companies are becoming more aware of the potential that biomass streams can have. They either sell it or start using it themselves expanding to maximum valorisation (bio-energy or even higher value creation according to the biomass value chain in the bio based economy). For instance, the EU ambition for large scale biomass based projects, co-firing on coal fired power plants or plants producing liquid transportation fuels, exceeds the available biomass in the region meaning new geographical politics appear. Already large quantities of biomass are being shipped in from Canada, USA, Brazil and SE Asia replacing fossil fuels produced locally (natural gas) or imported from the middle east (oil & natural gas).

At the same time local, small scale plants are being created applying technologies based on incineration, digestion or pyrolysis techniques using local biomass sources from regional waste management schemes such as wood, grass, food waste.

Several countries are making adjustments in the energy market to facilitate developments of more sustainable energy production. In South Africa the energy prices are rapidly increasing and new technologies (other than coal) are being introduced into the country. In Turkey, Israel, South America and Asia-Pacific the energy market is developing quickly due to increasing consumption and is being diversified with biomass, solar, wind and hydro projects.

The main challenge today is to balance the rapidly developing bio-energy demand with the rapidly developing biomass production capacity against a competitive price whilst meeting logistical, environmental and social requirements.

By working closely with our clients we deliver tailor made solutions, both large and small scale, appropriate to meet the needs of the client. Our services cover the entire project spectrum from governance to supervision: policy, biomass composition analysis, feasibility, permitting, environmental impact, engineering, design, tendering, asset management, risk management, finance (business cases), modelling, data and information management, logistics, project management, due diligence and planning in all project phases.