We are experts in long term strategic planning, known as airport masterplanning, for new and existing airports whether domestic, regional or international. Our services cover airside planning, which includes runways, taxiways and aprons, and landside planning, including access and egress roads and parking. We also plan airport cities, the area close to the terminal and in the airport’s vicinity, and all facilities such as terminals, cargo buildings, hangars and control towers. Our capabilities encompass other airport related studies including strategy development, process optimisation and aeronautical studies.

We specialise in the planning and design of airport terminals and all associated buildings and our international project architects are experts in functional planning and design. They support signature architects during the design of prestigious projects and coordinate with local engineering firms for smaller scale projects. Project implementation services such as project management and construction supervision are also core capabilities within this market.

A strong understanding of the current situation and local constraints allows is to approach projects with visionary solutions. Our longstanding experience with the design of facilities all over the world has resulted in extensive knowledge of planning and design parameters and sets us apart from our competitors. Our multidisciplinary teams, with knowledge of both landside and airside operations, allow us to develop an integrated and balanced design of facilities and we are known throughout the world for the flexibility of our designs.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a clear roadmap for the development of their airport and a comprehensive solution for the challenges they face. We translate the envisaged aviation demand for airports into designs for facilities such as terminals, cargo buildings and control towers which are flexible, appropriate for the local conditions and are attractive for our clients.