Air Service Development

Develops and implements programmes for airports, governments, tourism and related parties to improve air access and attract new air service. Our primary products include market and leakage analysis, air service development strategies, route profitability forecasting, airline business case analysis and presentations, airline incentive evaluation and negotiation and marketing support.

Public-Private Partnerships

We act as advisors and process managers in structuring PPP transactions on either the buy or sell side. The team has hands on expertise in the development of, and responses to, Requests for Qualifications (RFQ's), Requests for Proposals (RFP's) and Concession Agreements. The PPP Team has gained an in depth understanding of the different interests and risk appreciation between public and private parties that need to be harmonised in the process.


We provide advice to parties requiring feasibility studies, due diligence assistance to support financing, and the development of financial models for airlines, airports, and other travel or transportation related businesses. Key areas of our expertise are a thorough understanding of the aviation market in terms of drivers of demand for air transportation and how that demand is accommodated, revenue streams and cost structures at airlines and airports and the requirements of financial institutions to support transactions.

Commercial Development

The Airport Practice Group has built a significant track record with airport retail and commercial advisory business and provides critical input in the PPP and Finance areas. We deliver plans for the development of retail and commercial areas of the airport in the passenger terminal, as well as for other facilities.

We also maintain a significant amount of industry benchmarking data that allows us to measure the performance of existing retail and commercial programmes against peer airports and provide strategies to improve performance. Our commercial team continues to expand expertise in airport city concepts with the aim of assisting clients in the implementation of airport city strategies.


The Airport Practice Group has become a subject matter expert for cargo related projects at InterVISTAS. Our cargo team has successfully delivered several cargo projects over the past year and is developing a cargo model to support current and future cargo projects. These projects cross a variety of fields including air service and facilities development, cargo airline, financial and commercial strategies in PPP and concession transactions of cargo facilities.

Activity Forecasting

Underpinning all of these services is the group's activity forecasting expertise. Numerous airport operators, infrastructure fund managers and other financial institutions view InterVISTAS as a market leader for forecasting services.