Ships in port | Royal HaskoningDHV

Region: Middle East
Year: 2015

A major shipbuilder in the Middle East wanted to improve its competitiveness against international shipyards and particularly those in Europe.  The first requirement was to define the level of competitiveness that the shipyard needed to achieve to satisfy its overall goal.  The second step was to identify areas of the business for improvement and changes that could be made to reach the level of competitiveness required.  The third step was to develop and implement an action plan. 

We were commissioned to assist with all three challenges.  We used our proprietary specialist analysis tools to undertake a cost structure review, benchmark the shipyard’s processes and practices, calculate productivity and survey the skills and experience of the workforce.

This information was used to set target performance levels and specify processes and practices that would ensure that the shipyard achieved the required level of competitiveness.  We then developed a prioritised performance improvement action plan. 

The shipyard achieved a clear understanding of its current performance levels and the targets that needed to be achieved.  In addition, we worked in partnership with the shipyard’s management to develop a roadmap to achieve the targets.  The recommendations have since been implemented.