Our specialist knowledge and independence makes us ideally placed to assist government departments with a variety of shipbuilding related matters.  Most of the services we provide are explained in more detail in other parts of our website.  The list below summarises the types of assistance we have provided in the past.

Customer friend / strategy 

  • Independent shipbuilding knowledge and advice 
  • Assistance with ship acquisition strategy development 
  • Problem identification, assessment and rectification 
  • Independent third-party project reviews 
  • Training naval project teams in characteristics of high-performance shipyards 
  • Providing advice on technology transfer

Commercial support

  • Risk assessment/mitigation 
  • Bid evaluation 
  • Estimating ship construction man-hours and costs 
  • Shipyard performance monitoring systems / approaches 
  • Developing shipyard incentives 
  • Assessing the impact of the acquisition approach on shipyard productivity

Performance assessment

  • Establishing realistic shipyard performance targets 
  • Independent shipyard performance/productivity monitoring 
  • Estimate-at-Completion reviews

Shipyard industrial base

  • Shipyard technology, capacity and capability assessment and planning 
  • Industrial base utilisation and development strategy 
  • Shipyard facility design, cost estimating and development 
  • Shipyard process benchmarking and performance improvement 

Ship design and construction planning

  • Ship design producibility coaching and assessment 
  • Build strategy assessment and development  
  • Ship design and construction strategy assessment / development