Damien Bloor is a qualified naval architect and experienced shipyard consultant.  Damien’s career spans over 35 years and 35 countries.  Having held senior positions in shipyards in the UK and the USA, Damien is an expert in international shipyard practices, benchmarking and performance assessment.  He has extensive experience advising government organisations around the world which includes testifying before US Senate and House sub-committees on commercial and naval shipbuilding, and serving on Navy advisory panels. 

Damiens operational experience includes shipyard start-ups as well as the design and construction of warships, super-yachts and production yachts from a range of materials including composites.  His research and development work has resulted in new thinking in the fields of ship work content estimating, market research and shipyard processes. 

Damien is a fellow of both the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.