Effective infrastructure helps economies to prosper and populations to thrive. From roads, airports, and electricity supplies, to industrial parks and oil/gas production, infrastructure is fundamental for the economic growth of every country. Today’s infrastructure has to be sustainable and positively benefit future generations, whether optimizing old facilities or designing new structures.

Royal HaskoningDHV Group is committed to delivering sustainable solutions for infrastructure, and we have contributed to many successful projects, globally and on a local scale. Our expert team combines practical, cost-effective measures with innovative technological advances to fulfill the long term interests of our clients and their communities.

Our Czech expertise covers particularly the municipal and environmental infrastructure in following:  road design, road traffic and road maintenance, industrial site development, supervision, design of environmental damages reclamation works and design of re-liquidation of old drills after oil/gas production. As the countries of Eastern Europe as well as Western Balkan countries are still lacking the infrastructure comparing with Czech Republic, Czech experts are often called to technically assist abroad in the field of the development of the municipal and environmental infrastructure which is heavily supported by IFI (EBRD, USAID, GIZ, CZDA,…)

We think we understand the synergy between different forms of infrastructure, and how these work together to create a society that works well as a whole. With this in mind, we design infrastructure that is multi-functional, sustainable and flexible to future needs.

Our markets and services:

  • Inland waterways and river ports
  • Intelligent transport systems
  • Public transport optimization
  • Traffic modelling (micro and macro) and optimization
  • Traffic management
  • Public transport optimization
  • Industrial parks design
  • Reclamation works design and supervision
  • Underground storages of gas assessment
  • Feasibility studies CBA
  • Fund raising