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RHDHV are working on a number of high profile construction projects in the Philippines and we need a project team member for our ongoing ocean and shoreline based data collection exercises.  More precisely, we are using real-time ocean deployed measurement systems to collect data on water quality to ensure that our clients and the appropriate regulators are constantly aware of the environmental conditions at their sites. 

We need a project coordinator, a hands on and practical person who can work with our team in Manila and (remotely) in Australia to ensure that our data collection systems are deployed and operated safely over the next 3 years.  Ideally, you will have experience in the deployment and operation of water quality instruments (Sondes, ADCP, Telemetry).  However, given that we will be providing technical support and experience from within the company, the core requirements are considered to be maritime experience (i.e. boat handling, knowledge of Manila waters), light engineering experience (i.e. procuring and building of moorings, housings etc.) and working with and leading similarly skilled people (i.e. instructing others, coordinating tasks and people). A good understanding and relationship with the various groups that utilise Manila Bay would be advantageous, particularly regarding security of the equipment.

Your main responsibilities would be:

  • Development of the site to be used for deployment and operations – will include coordinating preparation of land area, procurement and set up of buildings / storage containers and the procurement and set up of equipment and facilities
  • Assist with the development of security of instruments through robust physical protections, site visits and checks, liaising with relevant groups (Fishermen, Coast Guard, Shipping, Port Operators)
  • Receipt and safe storage of water quality sampling equipment
  • Purchase and build of marine equipment and moorings (buoys and technical equipment already purchased, but there are a number of light engineering tasks required to finalise the deployment)
  • Liaise and deal with deployment and operational deployment teams – Help the deployment team (outside company) to deploy the buoys offshore and also assist in the development of the operational maintenance team
  • Other general tasks involved in successfully deploying the equipment and ensuring that the project is progressing efficiently – including regular contact with Australian project lead and local office in Manila
  • Hold regular communications with the Australian Metocean Project Engineer (daily)
  • Provide updates to the local RHDHV team and client on a regular basis

What we need is a competent and proactive set of hands, eyes and ears in Manila to help us do what’s needed.  There is an element of following plans and instructions but ideally we need a dynamic and forward thinking project coordinator who can work unassisted, can spot problems and deal with them and whom is ideally used to marine projects of this nature.

You will also have:

Highly effective technical and practical engineering/science skills in the relevant discipline, including:

  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work on own and to lead others
  • Confidence
  • Independent thinker
  • It is desirable to have Maritime qualifications and/or Marine Scientific experience

The procedure
If this sounds like you please apply with your CV and cover letter outlining your suitability for the role.