We’ve been around for more than 135 years. We drive inclusive sustainable development with our clients in areas that we master and can actively influence. Our people are keen to positively change the future and leave a legacy. Our networked organisation of smart entrepreneurs connects the best and brightest people in the world. Together we have an ambition to run a financially healthy business by putting our collective intelligence into practice with clients and partners. We are commercial savvy engineers, project managers and consultants who design smart cities, airports, ports, buildings and more. We reinvent industries; co-create clean energy and fresh water by using smart data and digitizing information flows and models. More and more, we connect the digital with the real world in an accelerating pace. Working together with our clients and partners, we use data and algorithms to translate insights into foresights. We help our clients in their digital transformation and we support our clients’ business with better and faster execution of their ambitions. We enhance society together!


Director of Advisory Group - Water UK


We are looking for you if you are keen to lead an enthusiastic team of 75 professionals across 6 offices, working together in providing society with innovative (digital) solutions for todays and tomorrows challenges related to water. The Advisory Group Water UK focusses on rivers, deltas, coasts and resilience as well as water technology, industries and utilities. You will know how to balance your energy between team engagement and development, efficiency of today’s and tomorrow’s business, while leading our search for innovative and sustainable solutions.

You will be a natural and supportive leader for our team. Whilst being an inspiring, ambitious, stimulating and trustworthy personality. Who is resilient and flexible to cover business requirements? Your social skillset will be integral in influencing, leading and supporting the Advisory Group, in delivering great projects, that meets and exceeds client’s expectations, while at the same time creating an atmosphere of trust, development and fun. Business and team development are top on your agenda.  

The Director Advisory Group (DAG) is primarily responsible for the success of the Advisory Group Water UK. As a member of the Business Unit Management Team NL/UK you will proactively contribute to the successful growth of the Business Unit. The DAG role can be based in various locations within our UK business and require regular travel including overseas.