The GreenMe sensors enable companies to monitor environmental conditions across offices in combination with real-time employee feedback. With this information, you can identify issues and optimise working conditions to create a more comfortable, healthy and productive working environment.

Sensors combine quantitative data with user feedback

GreenMe operates through a set of cubes with built-in sensors which are placed on desks around the office. Every cube measures 10 parameters connected to employee health and comfort, such as temperature, air quality, humidity, noise and lighting. Employees are also involved in the data collection by simply tilting the cube to indicate how satisfied they are with the work climate. This is one of the unique features of GreenMe that combines quantitative data from the sensors with qualitative data from user feedback. 

Performance is immediately visible in the GreenMe online dashboard which integrates data from across the office. This real-time information indicates what is happening in respect of the climate across the building in a visual and accessible way. The values are linked to European standards, enabling compliance to be monitored at the same time. Automated weekly reports show overviews of patterns over time. Our multi-disciplinary team with expertise across acoustics, air quality, temperature control and more can help you maximise the value of the data and offer insights for sustainable long-term solutions.

Everyone in the office benefits from GreenMe

The cubes empower employees by letting them interact to define their preferred workplace conditions. Office and facility managers gain a better understanding of how users feel in the office and are able to monitor compliance. For companies, the independent assessment enables the office conditions to be fine-tuned to provide a more comfortable environment for staff, delivering long-term benefits of increased productivity and performance. In this way, Royal HaskoningDHV supports corporate social responsibility and can enhance your brand image. 

GreenMe cubes have been used to validate the indoor climate performance at a sustainable circular building from one of our clients, in Amsterdam, where the company shares knowledge about circularity. They were also used before the start of a renovation project at the client’s head office to provide values for the programme of requirements. In another installation, GreenMe cubes validated the programme of requirement and provided input for further improvements following a renovation for a care provider in the Netherlands. In addition, the cubes are used in the analysis of Royal HaskoningDHV buildings and other facility management projects.

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GreenMe cubes are quick and easy to install and come with their own network and connection to the cloud. Our domain experts analyse the data in an observation report which can be used as the basis for bespoke advice, where our extensive knowledge of wide-ranging markets and disciplines assures you of optimal insight for making decisions. 


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