The global roll-out of Nereda® technology is fast gaining momentum. Royal HaskoningDHV has recently received the first Nereda purchase orders for the States and now has projects in Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Australia/Oceania. We are currently piloting Nereda technology in Asia, and with 60% of the world population share, Asia is the obvious large player missing in the fast growing Nereda reference list.

With the mind-blowing pace of Asia’s rapid urbanisation, some mega cities are now experiencing growing pains, especially with regards to the treatment and disposal of wastewater. Beijing is completing its seventh ring road. With many of its wastewater treatment plants locked in and surrounded by high density urban living, it is limiting its options for upgrades or expansion. South Korea, and in particular large cities in Korea, has now grown up around the wastewater treatment plants, creating odour and visual nuisance to the surrounding neighbours. Land within these city boundaries comes at a premium, so most large Asian cities are now considering wastewater treatment options with small footprints, and if there is the opportunity for below-ground construction, so much the better.     

More stringent environmental effluent requirements are also being introduced and countries like the Philippines are on a timeline to change all the wastewater treatment plants to include biological nutrient removal.

So yes, size really does matter. Small footprint solutions will be one of the prime drivers on which clients will be making future choices in deciding which technology to implement in this region. Nereda technology, with its small footprint and low Opex cost will be a serious disruptor as it will provide potential clients with the opportunity to reconsider their Drainage Strategic Plans. Clients will now have the option to modernise, upgrade to biological nutrient removal and the potential of eliminating smaller in-catchment plants, all within the existing footprint. Nereda technology not only provides clients with small footprint and low Totex, but also options to ‘rethink’ how drainage master plans can be phased and implemented. Yes, size does matter!