Water Challenge

Addressing the water challenge involves being smarter about the way we use and reuse water. It’s about helping communities adapt and respond to flooding and treating wastewater safely, economically and sustainably. We want to contribute to developments and solutions that will drive us forward. We know we can’t do it alone and we welcome your comments, insights and views. Together we can make a difference!

STAIN for City Resilience Strategies | Royal HaskoningDHV

STAIN for City Resilience Strategies

Water 13 Jan 2020

STAIN is a new digital tool that enables collaborative strategy processes by giving City Resilience teams an overview of their entire city; and by linking robust, flexible, redundant and integral solutions for strategies that are futureproof on many levels.

Smarter Solutions for Resilient Societies and Economies | Royal HaskoningDHV

Smarter Solutions for Resilient Societies and Economies

Water 7 Jan 2020

South Africa, and indeed the entire sub-Saharan Africa region, is significantly water-stressed and prone to water crises, as demonstrated by both drought and flooding over recent years. Here, Bonga Ntuli, Director Business Unit Infrastructure: Africa for Royal HaskoningDHV discusses the need for enhanced Resilience.

New Game Plan: Protection to Risk Reduction to Resilience | Royal HaskoningDHV

New Game Plan: From Protection to Risk Reduction to Resilience

Water 26 Nov 2019

Extreme weather events, natural disasters, failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation, and water crisis are in the top 5 of global risks according to the World Economic Forum’s ‘Global Risks Report 2019’. Resilience, as a way of dealing with these risks, becomes essential for people, businesses and cities

Resilience in Cities: the real impacts of water and climate change risks | Royal HaskoningDHV

Resilience in Cities: the real impacts of water and climate change risks

Water 25 Nov 2019

According to the World Economic Forum’s ‘Global Risks Report 2019’, four out of the five threats rated “high” in terms of both likelihood and impact have a direct link to water risks: extreme weather events, natural disasters, failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation, and water crisis. The strong rise of water-related risks into the top five has happened in the last two years.

 The rise of the digital twin | Royal HaskoningDHV

Digital twins: From spreadsheets to full automation

Water 17 Oct 2019

The telepathic link between twins might be the stuff of folklore but as digital advances continue, monitoring and even controlling water infrastructure assets via a digital twin is fast becoming a reality – and just in the nick of time as the water industry faces some significant challenges

Water | Royal HaskoningDHV

Demonstrating aerobic granular sludge benefits the American way

Water 18 Sep 2018

Two years ago, we brought our fully biological, advanced wastewater treatment solution, Nereda®, to the United States. Even with continuous strong interest in aerobic granular sludge technology, North America surprisingly was the only continent without installations.

Goldminers | Royal HaskoningDHV

Mining the ‘Blue Gold’

Water 20 Aug 2018

The mining industry has been through a challenging downturn in recent years. Kirshen Naidoo discusses how Royal HaskoningDHV can help improve their efficiency and sustainability for the long term.

Men working on a site | Royal HaskoningDHV

Never go shopping when you’re hungry…

Water 20 Aug 2018

An expensive trip to the supermarket reminds Kirshen Naidoo of the importance of planning as he urges clients to think ahead when it comes to water projects in the industrial environment.

Bottles  | Royal HaskoningDHV

Household management for engineers

Water 20 Aug 2018

Roy Gent, process engineer for Royal HaskoningDHV’s Industrial Wastewater team in South Africa, recently gained a new perspective on improving efficiency.

Hand pouring liquid | Royal HaskoningDHV

When an ethical choice becomes an economical one

Water 20 Aug 2018

Many companies today are torn between the desire to behave ethically and the pressures on their bottom line. The opportunity to find solutions that work on both levels inspires and motivates Marco Kerstholt of Royal HaskoningDHV’s Industrial Wastewater team in South Africa.

Hennie Erwee | Royal HaskoningDHV

Size matters – especially in Asia!

Water 4 Apr 2018

The global roll-out of Nereda® technology is fast gaining momentum. Royal HaskoningDHV has recently received the first Nereda purchase orders for the States and now has projects in Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Australia/Oceania. We are currently piloting Nereda technology in Asia, the obvious large player missing in the fast growing Nereda reference list.


Royal HaskoningDHV joins buildingSMART International to lead the charge for Better Information Management

Water 29 Mar 2018

It’s not going to be long before all assets in the built environment have a digital twin. It may sound futuristic, but Royal HaskoningDHV is contributing to that vision, today.

Dutch dike | Royal HaskoningDHV

Organising chaos

Water 29 Jan 2018

Martijn Karelse, Project Manager and Hydraulic Engineer discusses how the latest digital developments are allowing the Go-Wa dike team to keep their options open.


New EIA Regulations - what has really changed?

Water 21 Nov 2017

On the 16th May 2017, the UK EIA Regulations came into force, transposing the requirements of EIA Directive amendment 2014/52/EU (the ‘new' EIA Directive) into nearly two dozen separate EIA regulations across the UK.

Following nature’s lead in closing cycles | Royal HaskoningDHV | James Anderson_Onymacris unguicularis close-up

Following nature’s lead in closing cycles

Water 1 Nov 2017

Over millions of years the ancestors of a tiny beetle in Namibia responded to living in one of the world’s driest habitats and evolved an individual closed water cycle. As the Netherlands hopes to achieve a circular economy by 2050, perhaps we should take inspiration from nature and start small.

Solving Bolivia’s water shortage the Dutch way  | Royal HaskoningDHV

Solving Bolivia's water shortage the Dutch way

Water 24 Oct 2017

We Dutch know a thing or two about altitude-related water challenges but now we’re applying our engineering expertise at the other end of the scale as we seek to help the world’s highest capital city, La Paz, counteract the effect climate change is having on its glacial water sources.

Working backwards | Royal HaskoningDHV

Working backwards

Water 9 Oct 2017

With ambitions to achieve a circular economy in the Netherlands by 2050 there have been major advances in the recovery of raw materials from wastewater but what use is a recovered raw material that no one wants to use? To close the circle we need to start at its end.

Carrying water in a sieve, is NRW a punishment? | Royal HaskoningDHV

Carrying water in a sieve, is NRW a punishment?

Water 6 Oct 2017

The Daughters of Danaus were condemned to carry water in sieves for eternity. To escape a similar fate we need to employ some smart water solutions to address our aging drinking water infrastructure. Which is the best tool to help us pick the perfect moment to replace our pipes?


Critical water challenge requires “smart” solutions

Water 21 Mar 2017

I’m sure most people have heard of the phrase “after the drought comes the flood”. It implies that the drought precedes the floods, which is well-known sequence of events around the world, but I can’t help to wonder what then precedes the drought.

Nereda bugs enhance society | Royal HaskoningDHV | © TU Delft University

A Societal Review by a Microbiologist: How Nereda® bugs enhance society…everybody wins

Water 14 Mar 2017

Previously I shared my dreams with you on how Nereda® bugs can unify the world. However, unifying the world may not solve all today’s problems. Solving these challenges might be just a stepping stone to world peace after all but can microbiologists help us take that step?

View from water waste facility of landscape | Royal HaskoningDHV

A Geopolitical Review by a Microbiologist: How Nereda bugs will unify the world

Water 1 Feb 2017

Europe may seem more divided than it has been for a long time. Tensions on the eastern borders, pressure in the south and the UK deciding to leave the EU covers it in a nutshell. I hope that our Nereda wastewater treatment technology has a unifying effect on these challenges.


De-Stressing water shortages in South Africa

Water 29 Jul 2016

As South Africa suffers its worst drought since 1982 mining companies must look at ways to alleviate stress on local water resources or risk damaging the relationships mine owners need to build and maintain with the local communities.


Flood forecasting at Ghanaians' fingertips

Water 2 May 2016

In 2015, communities in Ghana’s capital Accra fell victim to devastating floods and fire which swept through the city. What if we could give Ghanaians more control over their own safety? Royal HaskoningDHV is developing a ‘Flash Flood Forecasting’ app which does just that.