Water Challenge

Addressing the water challenge involves being smarter about the way we use and reuse water. It’s about helping communities adapt and respond to flooding and treating wastewater safely, economically and sustainably. We want to contribute to developments and solutions that will drive us forward. We know we can’t do it alone and we welcome your comments, insights and views. Together we can make a difference!

Royal HaskoningDHV joins buildingSMART International to lead the charge for Better Information Management

Water 29 Mar 2018

It’s not going to be long before all assets in the built environment have a digital twin. It may sound futuristic, but Royal HaskoningDHV is contributing to that vision, today.

Dutch dike | Royal HaskoningDHV

Organising chaos

Water 29 Jan 2018

Martijn Karelse, Project Manager and Hydraulic Engineer discusses how the latest digital developments are allowing the Go-Wa dike team to keep their options open.


New EIA Regulations - what has really changed?

Water 21 Nov 2017

On the 16th May 2017, the UK EIA Regulations came into force, transposing the requirements of EIA Directive amendment 2014/52/EU (the ‘new' EIA Directive) into nearly two dozen separate EIA regulations across the UK.

Following nature’s lead in closing cycles | Royal HaskoningDHV | James Anderson_Onymacris unguicularis close-up

Following nature’s lead in closing cycles

Water 1 Nov 2017

Over millions of years the ancestors of a tiny beetle in Namibia responded to living in one of the world’s driest habitats and evolved an individual closed water cycle. As the Netherlands hopes to achieve a circular economy by 2050, perhaps we should take inspiration from nature and start small.

Solving Bolivia’s water shortage the Dutch way  | Royal HaskoningDHV

Solving Bolivia's water shortage the Dutch way

Water 24 Oct 2017

We Dutch know a thing or two about altitude-related water challenges but now we’re applying our engineering expertise at the other end of the scale as we seek to help the world’s highest capital city, La Paz, counteract the effect climate change is having on its glacial water sources.

Working backwards | Royal HaskoningDHV

Working backwards

Water 9 Oct 2017

With ambitions to achieve a circular economy in the Netherlands by 2050 there have been major advances in the recovery of raw materials from wastewater but what use is a recovered raw material that no one wants to use? To close the circle we need to start at its end.

Carrying water in a sieve, is NRW a punishment? | Royal HaskoningDHV

Carrying water in a sieve, is NRW a punishment?

Water 6 Oct 2017

The Daughters of Danaus were condemned to carry water in sieves for eternity. To escape a similar fate we need to employ some smart water solutions to address our aging drinking water infrastructure. Which is the best tool to help us pick the perfect moment to replace our pipes?


Critical water challenge requires “smart” solutions

Water 21 Mar 2017

I’m sure most people have heard of the phrase “after the drought comes the flood”. It implies that the drought precedes the floods, which is well-known sequence of events around the world, but I can’t help to wonder what then precedes the drought.

Nereda bugs enhance society | Royal HaskoningDHV | © TU Delft University

A Societal Review by a Microbiologist: How Nereda® bugs enhance society…everybody wins

Water 14 Mar 2017

Previously I shared my dreams with you on how Nereda® bugs can unify the world. However, unifying the world may not solve all today’s problems. Solving these challenges might be just a stepping stone to world peace after all but can microbiologists help us take that step?

View from water waste facility of landscape | Royal HaskoningDHV

A Geopolitical Review by a Microbiologist: How Nereda bugs will unify the world

Water 1 Feb 2017

Europe may seem more divided than it has been for a long time. Tensions on the eastern borders, pressure in the south and the UK deciding to leave the EU covers it in a nutshell. I hope that our Nereda wastewater treatment technology has a unifying effect on these challenges.

The Jordan Valley | Royal HaskoningDHV

Insight on a major project for Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley

Water 22 Nov 2016

Royal HaskoningDHV is a key partner in a comprehensive program to rehabilitate the Lower Jordan River and its tributaries in Jordan, Israel and Palestine, an area home to 300,000 people and a World Heritage List nominee.

Girls walking with water | Royal HaskoningDHV

When in drought...

Water 7 Nov 2016

A flash flood in the middle of a severe drought must be one of the most evident signs that the impacts of climate change are real. If we are to create a sustainable response to climate change, we need a change in mindset for those involved.


De-Stressing water shortages in South Africa

Water 29 Jul 2016

As South Africa suffers its worst drought since 1982 mining companies must look at ways to alleviate stress on local water resources or risk damaging the relationships mine owners need to build and maintain with the local communities.

plastic soup | Royal HaskoningDHV

How natural motion will clean up the ocean

Water 8 Jun 2016

In January 2016, 29 sperm whales washed up on the North Sea coast. Their stomachs contained an alarming amount of plastic.

Damaged Bridge over Mundeni Aru | Royal HaskoningDHV Blog

Addressing Flood Vulnerability in Sri Lanka

Water 7 Jun 2016

Last week saw tragic news coming from Colombo, Sri Lanka as 92 lives were lost when the heaviest rainfall for 25 years fell in the south west of the country, causing mudslides and flooding.


Why We Need to Rethink Sewerage - THE NEREDA® STORY

Water 7 Jun 2016

The current challenges faced by the South African wastewater treatment industry can only be overcome through innovative and sustainable treatment technologies, such as Nereda®, specially when South Africa produces 800 million litres of sewerage a day.


A brave new digital world? How water management is quickly becoming digitized

Water 25 May 2016

It is more apparent now than ever that the world of water management is quickly becoming digitized. The developments that we are seeing in technology are exciting. It’s clear that we have a wealth of information at our disposal which can be valuable in the context of asset management. The developments we’ve seen so far are just the beginning. The possibilities are endless.


A polder in 2016: shared ownership in flood protection

Water 4 May 2016

Centuries ago the first polders were created in the Netherlands. Now, the Netherlands is famous for these polders. We believe that proactive collaborative action makes flood risk management effective. One project for flood risk adaptation in the Botlek area is a fine example of the added value of such an approach.


Flood forecasting at Ghanaians' fingertips

Water 2 May 2016

In 2015, communities in Ghana’s capital Accra fell victim to devastating floods and fire which swept through the city. What if we could give Ghanaians more control over their own safety? Royal HaskoningDHV is developing a ‘Flash Flood Forecasting’ app which does just that.


Creating the 'Water Sensitive Airport' of the future

Water 2 May 2016

Airports play a vitally important role in economic growth and are essential hubs for connectivity and trade. We’re finding that while many airports may have a sustainability agenda of some sort, most are not thinking about a strategy for adapting to climate change at such a high level. That is why we have designed the ‘Water Sensitive Airport’ framework.


A happy Anthropocene for everyone

Water 2 Feb 2016

We have entered the Anthropocene: a new geological era in which it is obvious that humanity itself affects the climate. What does this mean for those working in water?


Water as catalyst for improved quality of urban life

Water 18 Jan 2016

By focusing on how water can contribute to enhancing society as a whole, water professionals need to leave their comfort zone and put themselves in someone else’s shoes. It also requires having the courage to let go of the familiar and accept a certain amount of uncertainty.