Water Challenge

Addressing the water challenge involves being smarter about the way we use and reuse water. It’s about helping communities adapt and respond to flooding and treating wastewater safely, economically and sustainably. We want to contribute to developments and solutions that will drive us forward. We know we can’t do it alone and we welcome your comments, insights and views. Together we can make a difference!

Five factors that changed the history of wastewater

Water 5 Jul 2021

The influence wastewater treatment has had on our health and livelihoods cannot be underestimated. The process of collecting and treating wastewater has been refined significantly during the past centuries. Five factors, in particular, changed the development of wastewater treatment forever.

6 insights on enhancing Resilience in Cities: Everyone has a role to play! | Royal HaskoningDHV

6 insights on enhancing Resilience in Cities: Everyone has a role to play!

Water 15 Mar 2021

Throughout our special Resilience in Cities series we heard from experts and leading voices from our industry how they see the future of resilient communities and urban areas dealing with climate change, extreme weather and natural hazards by taking different perspectives focusing on people & communities, businesses, critical infrastructure, ecology & environment, insurance and investors.

Let the water in: integrating water into decision making | Royal HaskoningDHV

Let the water in: integrating water into decision making

Water 9 Mar 2021

To manage risks and reduce business disruption caused by extreme weather and climate change, industries must choose how, not if, they integrate water-risk mitigation measures throughout their operation.

Leading by example: Rotterdam takes Climate Action to enhance resilience | Royal HaskoningDHV

Leading by example: Rotterdam takes Climate Action to enhance resilience

Water 25 Nov 2020

Rotterdam is known throughout the world as a city that shows perseverance; as a strong, assertive, and climate resilient city. To maintain this level of climate resilience in the future, Rotterdam is factoring in the opportunities and risks of new developments, services and tools.

Rebuilding Better: what’s sand got to do with it? | Royal HaskoningDHV

Rebuilding Better what’s sand got to do with it?

Water 20 Oct 2020

In response to the major economic impact of Covid-19 worldwide, governments and International Funding Institutes increase investments to counterbalance current economic shrinkage.

Sewage: Weapon or weakness in the fight against COVID-19? | Royal HaskoningDHV

Sewage, Weapon or weakness in the fight against COVID-19

Water 13 Oct 2020

South Africa has some challenges when it comes to tracing and monitoring the spread of Coronavirus, including limited resources for rapid, individual testing and tracing.


A breakaway of raw materials from wastewater

Water 14 Sep 2020

Now that we are halfway through the Tour of 2020, it strikes me that things are very tame and that we have not seen a decisive breakaway yet from one of the favourites. We can say the same for wastewater as a resource, the role of the water authorities and their ambitions with regards to the circular economy, and in particular, the production of raw materials from wastewater.


Circular wastewater treatment plants as production sites

Water 24 Aug 2020

Plans are made everywhere and at all times. From necessary plans such as a shopping list, fun plans such as the sports and games, safety plans such as an extra stop sign at the crossroads to visionary plans such as the construction of wind farms at sea. All these plans have in common that there is a desired future result.

Accelerate Digital Transformation, Accelerate Cooperation digital transformation and cooperation with the Watercloud | Royal HaskoningDHV

Accelerate Digital Transformation, Accelerate Cooperation

Water 15 Jul 2020

Are we prepared for a future in which we will be dealing with ever more complex, integral issues surrounding climate adaptation and strongly expanding data flows? Are we already making optimal use of all technological and digital resources? I think we can and must take another big step.

Creating business value through water  | Royal HaskoningDHV

Creating business value through water

Water 14 Jul 2020

Throughout our Water for Industries series business leaders and industry frontrunners shared their visions of creating business value through enhancing resilience, water stewardship and sustainable use of water. Some of the observations particularly struck home with me.

Water at the front and centre of Unilever’s business | Royal HaskoningDHV

Water at the front and centre of Unilever’s business

Water 8 Jul 2020

Water is core to Unilever’s business, essential through their entire value chain - used for everything from the growth of raw materials to the water needed when using Unilever’s products. Unilever has bold ambitions to continue to drive water efficiency across their manufacturing operations around the world, doing more with less and increasing the amount of water reuse and recycling.

Water scarcity and sustainable water use for industry | Royal HaskoningDHV

Made with recycled water

Water 16 Jun 2020

Industry needs to carefully re-evaluate its way of working, what resources are used and how production processes harms or benefits the world around it. An important driver for industry to improve on its products and processes is water scarcity. Not only does it affect large numbers of people on a daily basis, it also poses a serious threat to production processes and business continuity.

Symbiotic industry ecosystem for water-secure communities | Royal HaskoningDHV

Symbiotic industry ecosystem for water-secure communities

Water 9 Jun 2020

There are many opportunities for industry to tap into the business potential and benefits of transitioning to a water-secure future. Those that are already on the journey might have a competitive edge. Dragan Savic, CEO of KWR gives his take on transitioning to an industrial symbiotic ecosystem, the role of digitalisation and the importance of the human dimension in socialising both.

Providing protection and security through our Global Flood Risk Tool | Royal HaskoningDHV

Providing protection and security through our Global Flood Risk Tool

Water 29 May 2020

As the world comes to terms with life with, and after, COVID-19 – the issue of climate change remains firmly on the agenda; with recent developments only highlighting our impact on the natural world and the need to change course, whilst preparing ourselves for increasingly irregular weather patterns and rising sea levels.

Water stewardship for water management and reduce water stress | Royal HaskoningDHV

Water Stewardship to manage high water stress in Indonesia

Water 11 May 2020

Water management and water stewardship must be seen in an integral approach by industries, private and public parties.Water is the quiet power source of our lives, both in industries and the natural world – but it is not something we own, and its management must be understood in its wider context.

4.0’s Secondary Potential Connecting Industrial Wastewater Treatment to the next industrial revolution | Royal HaskoningDHV

4.0’s Secondary Potential

Water 4 May 2020

As Industry 4.0 moves from hype to reality, the opportunities are fast being recognised by industries seeking to optimise their main manufacturing process. It is imperative that industry embraces the impact that 4.0 could also have on efficiency, sustainability, business resilience and profit when applied to all plant processes, including water and wastewater treatment.

How to: a safe Shut down and Start up of your Wastewater Treatment Plant | Royal HaskoningDHV

How to: a safe Shut down and Start up of your Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water 8 Apr 2020

We have all been confronted with the COVID-19 crisis in recent weeks. Factory downtime has major consequences for wastewater treatment, especially biological water treatment. Plant operators are facing an onslaught of scenarios and unforeseen challenges.

Evolutionary Approach to Resilience | Royal HaskoningDHV

Evolutionary Approach to Resilience

Water 6 Mar 2020

As green shoots start to appear in areas devastated by wildfires in Australia, the natural world is once again showing us the path to better resilience.

The real impact of water | Royal HaskoningDHV

Resilience in Cities: the real impacts of water and climate change risks

Water 20 Feb 2020

According to the World Economic Forum’s ‘Global Risks Report 2020’, four out of the five threats rated “high” in terms of both likelihood and impact have a direct link to water risks: extreme weather events, natural disasters, failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation, and water crisis. The strong rise of water-related risks into the top five has happened in the last two years.


New Game Plan: From Protection to Risk Reduction to Resilience

Water 20 Feb 2020

Extreme weather events, natural disasters, failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation, and water crisis are in the top 5 of global risks according to the World Economic Forum’s ‘Global Risks Report 2020’. Resilience, as a way of dealing with these risks, becomes essential for people, businesses and cities

Airports as Ambassadors for greater Urban Resilience | Royal HaskoningDHV

Airports as Ambassadors – towards greater Urban Resilience

Water 14 Feb 2020

Airports, whether serving large urban areas or small island states, can only respond successfully to climate change in coordination with their surrounding cities or towns. As airports are increasingly operating as small-scale cities, they should be seen as both a catalyst and a proving ground for trialling the latest developments in climate resilience.

India’s resilient cities | Royal HaskoningDHV

A more resilient future for India’s cities

Water 31 Jan 2020

From heavy rain to drought, landslides and earthquakes, India is at risk of almost every type of natural disaster. The growth of the urban population will exacerbate the effect these risks have on cities; but with a population of fast technology adopters and a progressive government championing innovation, India is fast moving towards an exciting period of rapid improvement in urban resilience.

STAIN for City Resilience Strategies | Royal HaskoningDHV

STAIN for City Resilience Strategies

Water 13 Jan 2020

STAIN is a new digital tool that enables collaborative strategy processes by giving City Resilience teams an overview of their entire city; and by linking robust, flexible, redundant and integral solutions for strategies that are futureproof on many levels.

Smarter Solutions for Resilient Societies and Economies | Royal HaskoningDHV

Smarter Solutions for Resilient Societies and Economies

Water 7 Jan 2020

South Africa, and indeed the entire sub-Saharan Africa region, is significantly water-stressed and prone to water crises, as demonstrated by both drought and flooding over recent years. Here, Bonga Ntuli, Director Business Unit Infrastructure: Africa for Royal HaskoningDHV discusses the need for enhanced Resilience.

 The rise of the digital twin | Royal HaskoningDHV

Digital twins: From spreadsheets to full automation

Water 17 Oct 2019

The telepathic link between twins might be the stuff of folklore but as digital advances continue, monitoring and even controlling water infrastructure assets via a digital twin is fast becoming a reality – and just in the nick of time as the water industry faces some significant challenges


Royal HaskoningDHV joins buildingSMART International to lead the charge for Better Information Management

Water 29 Mar 2018

It’s not going to be long before all assets in the built environment have a digital twin. It may sound futuristic, but Royal HaskoningDHV is contributing to that vision, today.