Urban Challenge

Urban areas are where all the world’s challenges converge. We want to contribute to creating cities that are healthy, enjoyable and resilient places to live; where people have access to clean drinking water, food, energy, housing, safety, health services, recreation and transportation. We want to connect with people who feel as strongly about addressing the urban challenges as we do.

New EIA Regulations - what has really changed?

Urban 21 Nov 2017

On the 16th May 2017, the UK EIA Regulations came into force, transposing the requirements of EIA Directive amendment 2014/52/EU (the ‘new' EIA Directive) into nearly two dozen separate EIA regulations across the UK.

Submarket Renewable Energy  | Royal HaskoningDHV

Your road from grey to green – a revised look at the energy transition

Urban 14 Jun 2017

Positive or negative, the last years there is a lot of attention for renewable energy, sustainability and the energy transition. Especially the term ‘energy transition’ is currently very important within government and the industry in the Netherlands. The main question is how we go from ‘Grey to Green’?

Tortoise race in desert | Royal HaskoningDHV

Africa’s infrastructure development: racing tortoises

Urban 5 May 2017

In the ancient paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise, the story goes that, Achilles, a great athlete, makes a terrible error, giving the Tortoise a 100 yard head start in a race.

Optimising logistics in healthcare | Royal HaskoningDHV

Optimising logistics in healthcare

Urban 10 Jan 2017

The term ‘logistics’ in healthcare is an interesting and commonly used concept. Depending on your hospital’s involvement, it can either add value or be viewed as a burden to staff and other users of the facility.

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A healthier hospital with more clout

Urban 14 Nov 2016

Due to better performing and more profitable buildings, installations and medical equipment, you unite healthy business management with higher quality, more accessible and affordable healthcare.


The hospital of the future - will we really need doctors?

Urban 29 Sep 2016

The need for doctors in a hospital is one of the most frequently asked questions when speaking about today’s hospitals and how they will look in the future. In all walks of life, it is near impossible for us to predict what the future holds, albeit that we know that the only constant is change. The hospital of the future is no exception.


Breaking down the barriers in UK healthcare

Urban 14 Jul 2016

Healthcare has been in my life from the day I was born, and working as a professional in the industry, I continue to come across new challenges faced in healthcare today across the globe.


A brave new digital world? How water management is quickly becoming digitized

Urban 25 May 2016

It is more apparent now than ever that the world of water management is quickly becoming digitized. The developments that we are seeing in technology are exciting. It’s clear that we have a wealth of information at our disposal which can be valuable in the context of asset management. The developments we’ve seen so far are just the beginning. The possibilities are endless.


3 steps to integrated hospital design in the Middle East

Urban 17 May 2016

Developments in healthcare continue to move very fast – and that’s the same whether you’re in Europe, America or in the Middle East. The challenge the industry faces is to understand how we can best offer integrated hospital design with the ultimate aim of providing a great patient experience in hospitals across the globe which is also beneficial for the hospital owner.


Perspectives: Making cities future proof

Urban 12 May 2016

On the 14th of April 2016, during the Dutch EU Presidency, Amsterdam hosted the Innovation Expo. Over 5,500 thought leaders, government and captains of industry came together to share their thoughts and insights into innovative solutions for our urban environment.


Don’t overlook logistics if you’re serious about reducing hospital costs

Urban 20 Apr 2016

Increased demand on hospital budgets comes from every direction – more patients, more specialised equipment, more complex problems, more elderly people. How vital therefore to find ways to exert a downward pressure on costs. That’s why optimising logistics flows is an important focus in design.


Designing for dementia: a new approach for residential care homes

Urban 13 Apr 2016

Where do you see yourself living when you are 85? I ask this question a lot and, without exception, the response is never social care housing. Why not? Why aren’t we building social care housing that you and I would want to live in when we are old?


Why technical understanding is essential in political policymaking

Urban 13 Apr 2016

Public policy is crucial in determining how people and businesses interact with each other and the world we live in. The focus is on ethics and sustainability, for the good of the world. It is vital that technological skill and insights are a fundamental part of climate change implementations


Water as catalyst for improved quality of urban life

Urban 18 Jan 2016

By focusing on how water can contribute to enhancing society as a whole, water professionals need to leave their comfort zone and put themselves in someone else’s shoes. It also requires having the courage to let go of the familiar and accept a certain amount of uncertainty.