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We want to contribute to improving and maintaining quality of life while creating a balance with the world’s ecosystem and human needs. This transition will take time and effort but through collaboration with others we can gain ground.
We want to link with like-minded people so we can share best practices and find ways to enable circular economy, protect ecosystems and social values.

The Human Factor in Process Safety Risk Assessments | Royal HaskoningDHV

The Human Factor in Process Safety Risk Assessments

Industrial 4 Jul 2017

The process safety risk assessment is the most important element of an effective process safety management program. A process safety risk assessment is an organized and systematic effort but there are also highly complex tasks related to it.

Submarket Renewable Energy  | Royal HaskoningDHV

Your road from grey to green – a revised look at the energy transition

Industrial 14 Jun 2017

Positive or negative, the last years there is a lot of attention for renewable energy, sustainability and the energy transition. Especially the term ‘energy transition’ is currently very important within government and the industry in the Netherlands. The main question is how we go from ‘Grey to Green’?


The opportunities in the regional food and beverage market

Industrial 10 May 2016

Just recently, I attended Food & Drink Expo, the biggest industry show in the UK. The UK food and beverage industry is one of the most important and dynamic sectors across Europe – it’s worth a huge £197 billion.


Why technical understanding is essential in political policymaking

Industrial 13 Apr 2016

Public policy is crucial in determining how people and businesses interact with each other and the world we live in. The focus is on ethics and sustainability, for the good of the world. It is vital that technological skill and insights are a fundamental part of climate change implementations


How can industry aid the transition to renewable energy

Industrial 22 Feb 2016

The industry in the Netherlands temporarily benefits from lower energy prices and decreasing price volatility. But for how long will this last?


Engineering under scrutiny - how sciences are re-defining the status quo

Industrial 26 Jan 2016

When my uncle started working for local Dutch engineers Hasselt & De Koning in 1965, the reputation of engineers and their knowledge was more or less undisputed.


Your own industrial innovation campus

Industrial 3 Jan 2016

For today’s businesses, it is crucial to work together on innovation with other firms and organisations. Co-creation and co-development with partner firms, institutions and universities are essential for being successful.


A tailored approach to asset management: when is outsourcing right for you

Industrial 15 Dec 2015

We constantly rely on a whole range of assets which enable our day-to-day lives - whether that’s the bridge you drive over on your way to work, the railway tracks that enable your commute, or the pipes and wider water system that delivers fresh water to your home.


Of Space & Dust - Creating a Clean Room in Saudi Arabia

Industrial 16 Nov 2015

When clean rooms come to mind, usually images of pharmaceutical companies or medical procedures spring to mind. And, if you were to ask us what our day-to-day jobs usually consist of, you wouldn’t be far off. But every now and then our technological skills are required for another kind of job altogether.


Cool as Ice Cream

Industrial 15 Nov 2015

Last year, we got a call of critical importance. If we couldn’t help Durban-based brand giant Unilever build a new ice cream factory in Chloorkop, Tembisa to meet the local demand for ice cream within a limited timeframe, South Africa was going to face an ice cream shortage.


Advanced Process Safety Barrier Management

Industrial 11 Nov 2015

Whilst many will agree that the Oil and Gas (O&G) and process industries have been very successful in improving occupational safety, improvements in process safety management are lagging. This paper introduces a new approach to improve process safety management by proactive incident investigation to failed or impaired barriers.


Smaller oil companies picking up assets of the majors

Industrial 4 Nov 2015

Large oil companies are divesting their assets – but what’s the risk for indigenous oil companies? In many countries, International Oil Companies (IOCs) are in the process of divesting their ageing oil and gas assets.


Energy development strategies in small Arctic societies

Industrial 14 Oct 2015

Each Arctic state has defined energy development as a strategic goal in their national policy. The export potential and security which energy supply provides are often the main reasons why energy development is an important focus. But without the support of the local Arctic communities, is it possible for international energy companies to be successful?


New Recipes for Creating and Extracting Value in the New Economy

Industrial 9 Oct 2015

We all know that unsustainable businesses simply do not last, particularly when confronted with ecological, social or economic boundaries of what is possible or acceptable. But we also know that creating or switching to a sustainable business is difficult.


Reducing emissions in the chemicals industry

Industrial 7 Oct 2015

Originally set up to reduce gas emissions and fight climate change, the EU's emissions trading scheme (ETS) is not working as efficiently as it could be. Proposed changes this summer indicate that the European Commission has put forward changes for the next trading session (2021-2030) in an attempt to make the ETS more robust.


Bridging the renewable energy funding gap - The EU project funding spark

Industrial 15 Sep 2015

In a world under pressure from an increasing population striving for a better quality of life, the creation and maintenance of an effective energy supply has become vital to ensure societies can grow economically and achieve a reasonable quality of life.


New competitive edge for the chemicals industry

Industrial 7 Sep 2015

With traditional methods of achieving improved productivity almost fully exhausted, the chemicals industry needs to consider more collaborative approaches to win in today’s markets


Ubuntu and the Circular Economy: “I am, because we are”

Industrial 17 Aug 2015

“I am, because we are” is the meaning of the African word ubuntu. This single word stands for the mutual dependence between one and another to survive.


A Social License to Operate in the Arctic

Industrial 1 Jul 2015

As a Social (Policy) Consultant at Royal HaskoningDHV, one of my biggest passions is working on the societal aspects of industrial development in the Arctic, an area which is increasingly opening up due to climate change.


Where have all the big ports gone

Industrial 24 Jun 2015

We have seen massive changes in the global economy affecting the distribution and volume of port markets in the UK, as well as changes to the regulatory framework and to the individuals in many of the organisations at the front line of water’s edge development.


Is it time for EU Industries to seize the investment moment

Industrial 22 Jun 2015

The time is ripe for investment. It may seem paradoxical but this may be the only card that EU industry can play to avoid irreversibly falling behind. The question is, how?


High-speed innovation for the chemicals industry

Industrial 11 Jun 2015

Europe’s chemical industry is coming under increasing pressure from countries outside of the Euro Zone as it tries to adapt to the changing market demands.


Data Centre Facility vs ICT Professionals

Industrial 22 May 2015

Two distinct ‘blood groups’ work at today’s data centres: data centre Facility Management (FM) and data centre ICT professionals (ICT Pros).


EIAs and International ESIAs in Former Soviet Union Countries

Industrial 21 May 2015

One of the challenges for environmental specialists of the ex-Former Soviet Union countries (ex-FSU) is looking at the EIA/ESIA process from both the international and National requirements point of view.


Doing more with less in the chemicals industry via Lean Production

Industrial 8 Apr 2015

The EU’s chemicals industry is facing relentless competition on a global scale. The core issue today is the long-term affordability of access to raw materials and energy sources.


Fragmented management creates major property risks

Industrial 31 Mar 2015

Financial institutions often see housing as self-evident but ‘non-core’. With the exception of the prestigious head office, office buildings are often at the bottom of the agenda. Is that justified?


Asset Management – what’s in it for me?

Industrial 25 Mar 2015

One of the basic elements or objectives of asset management is to make the strategic goals of the organization specific, transparent and understandable so that everyone can contribute to their overall success.


Risk based water saving

Industrial 28 Jan 2015

The important challenges looking at new water recovery technologies: realistic computation of cost savings and pro-active risk assessment of potential water saving options.


PAS55 vs. ISO 55000

Industrial 17 Jan 2015

In asset intensive organisations around the world, good asset management practices have evolved from many sources, converging over the last 30 years to international accord.


Major accidents and the new offshore safety directive

Industrial 10 Nov 2014

In the oil and gas industry several major accidents caused an impact that resulted in new legislation for improvement of safety.


Applying the BowTie method to determine safety indicators

Industrial 10 Nov 2014

Different experiences and lessons learned from applying the BowTie method within (petro)chemical and pipeline companies.


A brief history of the circular economy

Industrial 30 Oct 2014

Today the circular economy is a hot topic. But what is it exactly? And, where do you start?


The challenge for food security

Industrial 14 Oct 2014

Alternative models of product logistics are vital to provide enough food for future urban populations.


It's time for a change

Industrial 10 Oct 2014

What we get, what we add, what we forget: this is the main problem in current linear economy.


Blending policy and practice for a better environment

Industrial 3 Jun 2014

This month, the 25th anniversary of the first Dutch National Environment Policy Plan, providing us with a great opportunity to reflect on our contributions to the global environment.


Innovation: where reality matches rhetoric

Industrial 10 Feb 2014

Google the word ‘innovation’ and you’ll get 117 billion returns from a mix of different service, private, and public sector organisations all staking their claim to innovation.