Piet Klop is Senior Advisor Responsible Investment at PGGM, manager of the Netherlands’ second biggest pension fund. Piet has 25 years of professional experience in environmental finance, economics and engineering and is an expert in the field of environmental risks and investment opportunities. He developed the concept and methodology for the programme for investments in climate, water, food and health care solutions, working closely with other investors, NGOs and experts on selection criteria and impact measurement. He also works on the integration of environmental, social and governance factors along the investment chain and is leading PGGM’s company and market engagements on water risks.

"In my opinion, investing is a means to an end. It is, or should be, a way to contribute to solutions that benefit both people and the environment. Trying to do my bit I draw on my background in both environmental science and economics, as well as on my international experience and network. I believe in the positive case for sustainability also as a 'unique selling point' for PGGM, and as a source of inspiration and growth."