Paul Roeleveld | RoyalHaskoningDHV

Paul has more than 25 years of experience, mainly in the market of municipal wastewater treatment. His career is characterized by a stable build-up of skills and competences during the several positions he covered. He combines solid knowledge of the business with a comprehensive quantity of strategic talent and customer intimacy. Regularly Paul is active as process manager on management and board level to support water authorities with their ambitions towards the future. Furthermore, Paul is always prepared to share his ideas and visions on a wide range of topics concerning developments in the water sector.

Paul is on top of new developments in the sector and has a realistic drive for innovation, with special attention for proper risk management to increase the success of implementation in full practice. He mainly focusses on finding better solutions for sludge treatment, improve the removal efficiency for micropollutants and making the shift from wastewater treatment to resource recovery. The production of alginate from Nereda granular sludge is at present an important development in which he operates as process manager for building a new Alginate Economy.