Matthijs Bos

As a hydraulic engineer and consultant, Matthijs is specialized in flood risk assessments and the design of flood protection measures and land reclamations. Thanks to his analytical skills, enthusiasm, pragmatic approach and can-do attitude, he does this successfully. The social urgency of flood safety and strategic thinking about an appropriate solution are major drivers for his work as an adviser. That their solutions are being built, confirms for him the relevance of the work. He has a broad international profile and travelled a lot over the world. For some periods of times he has been working and staying in Singapore, Manila, Jakarta, Colombo, Hanoi, Banjul, UK, Dublin and New Orleans to work on flood protection and create safe living environments.

Over the past years he has been the lead flood risk consultant for the Port of Rotterdam. Together with the port authority they assessed the current and future flood risk and prepared adaptation strategies to reduce the execpted flood risks for the entire Port of Rotterdam. Meanwhile he is developing the Global Flood Risk Tool (GFRT) that enables an efficient and clever way of working to get to the desired adaptation strategies for his clients. The GFRT is Royal HaskoningDHV’s cloud-based platform that delivers accurate and comprehensible flood risk analysis and recommends investment proposals to reduce risk on losing lives and economic damages. The tool is written in 100% open-source software, e.g.: Python, GDal and GeoServer. Clients making use of the tool are: port authorities, private industrial clients, international financial institutes and governments. GFRT conducts a thorough flood risk assessment and delivers a set of customized solutions if the identified flood risk is considered significant. The output is generated instantly, and the tool is set up in such a way that it can easily connect to, integrate or exchange with other services, tools and models. 

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Matthijs Bos

Climate Adaptation & Flood Resilience Lead

Rotterdam, NL

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