Maeve Hall, Sustainable Manufacturing Manager Water at Unilever

Maeve Hall is Sustainable Manufacturing Manager - Water at Unilever and leading the water programme of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan. Together with her team she’s working accross Unilever’s 260+ manufacturing operations to deliver the water targets of the Sustainable Living Plan.

She managed the implementation and verification of the first Sterlink Green Bond for the FMCG sector of £250m over 5 years, is author of the CDP Water & DJSI for manufacturing components and designed and implemented Unilever’s internal carbon tax, creating an internal investment mechanism for delivery of the sustainability programme. Before joining Unilever in 2013 Maeve worked on Deloitte’s Climate and Water Risk Management team and on Research&Development in Bangladesh with Water Aid.


Maeve Hall

Group Manufacturing Sustainability Manager - Water


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