Ivan Reutener | RoyalHaskoningDHV

Ivan is well known for his specialist skills in the traffic, transport and intelligent transport systems (ITS) engineering industry. He has considerable experience in urban traffic control, strategic transport planning, multi-disciplinary project management as well as property development. Working extensively with private and public sector clients, he has successfully completed various projects in South Africa, Botswana, Australia and the USA. Highly self-motivated, he has developed bespoke software applications for stand-alone desktop GIS applications for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) asset management systems, consisting of CCTV and optic fibre networks, Variable Message Signs (VMS), and traffic signal systems, as well as a Sustainable Non-Motorised Transport Assessment Tool. His passion for optimum team performance combined with his Global Knowledge Groups Leader and Senior Management positions led to the development of various in-house standard practical procedures andsystems. This allowed for “do it right the first time”product delivery and getting new team members up to speed with required procedures as fast as possible. Ivan contributes his biggest career achievements to his motivational, innovative and team-centric characteristics. His skills and commitment ensure client satisfaction.