Aris Witteborg | Royal HaskoningDHVAbout myself

I was trained as an environmental engineer at Wageningen University in the 1980’s,specializing in wastewater treatment and soil pollution. Those were the early years ofpersonal computers and I discovered their power during my studies, using them insimulating and controlling wastewater treatment processes, for example. After mygraduation I worked for about 15 years in IT companies as a consultant and businessdeveloper for the water sector. I have been with Royal HaskoningDHV since 2008, asconsultant and business developer and, of course, in my role as Leading ProfessionalSmart Water.

What drives me as a leading professional?

I am deeply convinced that the water sector can greatly benefit from the advancedtechniques that are emerging in the world of information technology and automation. Ibelieve that these techniques will be pivotal for water organizations in meeting theirchallenges in an effective and sustainable way. And I believe that we, as a company withan enormous amount of knowledge about the water business, and the will to make thenecessary digital transformation ourselves, can be a leading partner for waterorganizations to make the necessary step change.

What am I currently working on?

I’m very much involved in the development of the new ‘digital water profile’ that is part ofour company’s Strong22 digital transformation. An important focus area for me is that ofDigital Twins. In other domains, Digital Twins have already proven their worth, and weare working hard to become the leading partner for our clients in the water sector when itcomes to developing and implementing digital twins to improve their business operations.


Aris Witteborg

Business Developer Water Intelligence

Amersfoort, NL

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