Working backwards | Royal HaskoningDHV

Working backwards

Water 9 Oct 2017

With ambitions to achieve a circular economy in the Netherlands by 2050 there have been major advances in the recovery of raw materials from wastewater but what use is a recovered raw material that no one wants to use? To close the circle we need to start at its end.


Improving energy efficiency for port operators under pressure

Industrial 6 Oct 2017

Many port operators are seeing a shift in their energy systems from the use of fossil fuels to renewable sources. The impact of this energy transition could be huge unless we identify specific areas where efficiencies could be seen. One such area is the use of Rubber Tyre Gantry (RTG) cranes, where Royal HaskoningDHV has been involved in an innovative pilot project.

Carrying water in a sieve, is NRW a punishment? | Royal HaskoningDHV

Carrying water in a sieve, is NRW a punishment?

Water 6 Oct 2017

The Daughters of Danaus were condemned to carry water in sieves for eternity. To escape a similar fate we need to employ some smart water solutions to address our aging drinking water infrastructure. Which is the best tool to help us pick the perfect moment to replace our pipes?

Post construction northern view including a pedestrian bridge | Royal HaskoningDHV

Main Road P577 – a new route to economic and social prosperity

Transport 4 Aug 2017

The creation of a new road crossing the river and making its way up Durban’s KwaDabeka Valley has stimulated economic prosperity and social empowerment in South Africa where the government is committed to alleviating the challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality.

The Human Factor in Process Safety Risk Assessments | Royal HaskoningDHV

The Human Factor in Process Safety Risk Assessments

Industrial 4 Jul 2017

The process safety risk assessment is the most important element of an effective process safety management program. A process safety risk assessment is an organized and systematic effort but there are also highly complex tasks related to it.

Ship Harmony of the Seas in Rotterdam | Royal HaskoningDHV

Cold Ironing: The route to cleaner cruise liners?

Transport 28 Jun 2017

Reducing emissions is a critical factor in the success of ports around the globe. And Cold Ironing – the connection of ships to the local power grid while berthed in port – is just one solution that could help make ports more environmentally friendly.

Cycling path | Royal HaskoningDHV

Three strategies to transform London into a cycle-oriented city with less pollution

Transport 15 Jun 2017

With heaving rush hour traffic, congested roads and public transport bursting at the seams, it is no wonder it takes just five days for London to reach its annual air pollution limit.

Submarket Renewable Energy  | Royal HaskoningDHV

Your road from grey to green – a revised look at the energy transition

Urban 14 Jun 2017

Positive or negative, the last years there is a lot of attention for renewable energy, sustainability and the energy transition. Especially the term ‘energy transition’ is currently very important within government and the industry in the Netherlands. The main question is how we go from ‘Grey to Green’?

Tortoise race in desert | Royal HaskoningDHV

Africa’s infrastructure development: racing tortoises

Urban 5 May 2017

In the ancient paradox of Achilles and the Tortoise, the story goes that, Achilles, a great athlete, makes a terrible error, giving the Tortoise a 100 yard head start in a race.


The future for urban mobility in South Africa

Transport 11 Apr 2017

A range of transport infrastructure must be available in our cities in order to make areas accessible, attract investments and people, to generate social cohesion and economic growth in our cities.


Critical water challenge requires “smart” solutions

Water 21 Mar 2017

I’m sure most people have heard of the phrase “after the drought comes the flood”. It implies that the drought precedes the floods, which is well-known sequence of events around the world, but I can’t help to wonder what then precedes the drought.

Nereda bugs enhance society | Royal HaskoningDHV | © TU Delft University

A Societal Review by a Microbiologist: How Nereda® bugs enhance society…everybody wins

Water 14 Mar 2017

Previously I shared my dreams with you on how Nereda® bugs can unify the world. However, unifying the world may not solve all today’s problems. Solving these challenges might be just a stepping stone to world peace after all but can microbiologists help us take that step?

View from water waste facility of landscape | Royal HaskoningDHV

A Geopolitical Review by a Microbiologist: How Nereda bugs will unify the world

Water 1 Feb 2017

Europe may seem more divided than it has been for a long time. Tensions on the eastern borders, pressure in the south and the UK deciding to leave the EU covers it in a nutshell. I hope that our Nereda wastewater treatment technology has a unifying effect on these challenges.

Optimising logistics in healthcare | Royal HaskoningDHV

Optimising logistics in healthcare

Urban 10 Jan 2017

The term ‘logistics’ in healthcare is an interesting and commonly used concept. Depending on your hospital’s involvement, it can either add value or be viewed as a burden to staff and other users of the facility.

The Jordan Valley | Royal HaskoningDHV

Insight on a major project for Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley

Water 22 Nov 2016

Royal HaskoningDHV is a key partner in a comprehensive program to rehabilitate the Lower Jordan River and its tributaries in Jordan, Israel and Palestine, an area home to 300,000 people and a World Heritage List nominee.

Connection of an aircraft to a Pre-Conditioned Air (PCA) system | Royal HaskoningDHV |

Intelligent Clean Apron Concept – a new way to lower the cost and environmental impact of airports?

Transport 14 Nov 2016

The aviation industry has undergone a huge shift towards becoming greener, and a part of this change is the increasing use of pre-conditioned air (PCA). How can we adopt more technologically advanced alternatives into our airports, helping keep both costs and our impact on the environment to a minimum?

Busy doctors preparing for surgery | Royal HaskoningDHV

A healthier hospital with more clout

Urban 14 Nov 2016

Due to better performing and more profitable buildings, installations and medical equipment, you unite healthy business management with higher quality, more accessible and affordable healthcare.


Hlambanyathi access road - a tale of social and economic empowerment

Transport 9 Nov 2016

Social integration is an important part of the South African Government’s strategy to fight the triple challenge of poverty, inequality and unemployment. The Government is committed to eradicating poverty by creating opportunities where the underprivileged become involved in infrastructure delivery.

Girls walking with water | Royal HaskoningDHV

When in drought...

Water 7 Nov 2016

A flash flood in the middle of a severe drought must be one of the most evident signs that the impacts of climate change are real. If we are to create a sustainable response to climate change, we need a change in mindset for those involved.

Palmtrees in storm | RoyalHaskoningDHV

Taking a proactive approach to climate resilience

Transport 18 Oct 2016

For some time, the topic of climate change in the aviation industry has focused on the reduction of emissions. But we are seeing the discussion shift towards a second train of thought and one increasingly important question: how do we strengthen airports to cope with risks associated with climate change?


The hospital of the future - will we really need doctors?

Urban 29 Sep 2016

The need for doctors in a hospital is one of the most frequently asked questions when speaking about today’s hospitals and how they will look in the future. In all walks of life, it is near impossible for us to predict what the future holds, albeit that we know that the only constant is change. The hospital of the future is no exception.

Airport | Royal HaskoningDHV

Future-proofing your airside systems

Transport 16 Sep 2016

As developments continue to shift from static to ‘intelligent’ systems that respond to the capacity needs of the individual airport, the key question is: How should airport operators best adopt these new technologies in order to plan most effectively for the future?


De-Stressing water shortages in South Africa

Water 29 Jul 2016

As South Africa suffers its worst drought since 1982 mining companies must look at ways to alleviate stress on local water resources or risk damaging the relationships mine owners need to build and maintain with the local communities.


Breaking down the barriers in UK healthcare

Urban 14 Jul 2016

Healthcare has been in my life from the day I was born, and working as a professional in the industry, I continue to come across new challenges faced in healthcare today across the globe.


Mutant Ninja Turtles, Flow Sharks and Hawkeyes – What is Lurking in Our Sewers?

Water 10 Jun 2016

Stormwater inflow and groundwater infiltration into sewers is a major problem not only for municipalities in South Africa but also internationally. South African municipalities and researchers have reported storm peaks in sewers as high as five times and more of the Average Dry Weather Flow.

Schiphol Airport | Royal HaskoningDHV

5 Checkpoints for optimal systems replacement produce big cost savings, part II: Schiphol Airport

Transport 9 Jun 2016

In this blog we describe the project ‘replacement of the monitoring and control system for the runway and taxiway lighting systems’ at Schiphol Airport in which 5 checkpoints were very valuable.

plastic soup | Royal HaskoningDHV

How natural motion will clean up the ocean

Water 8 Jun 2016

In January 2016, 29 sperm whales washed up on the North Sea coast. Their stomachs contained an alarming amount of plastic.

Damaged Bridge over Mundeni Aru | Royal HaskoningDHV Blog

Addressing Flood Vulnerability in Sri Lanka

Water 7 Jun 2016

Last week saw tragic news coming from Colombo, Sri Lanka as 92 lives were lost when the heaviest rainfall for 25 years fell in the south west of the country, causing mudslides and flooding.


Why We Need to Rethink Sewerage - THE NEREDA® STORY

Water 7 Jun 2016

The current challenges faced by the South African wastewater treatment industry can only be overcome through innovative and sustainable treatment technologies, such as Nereda®, specially when South Africa produces 800 million litres of sewerage a day.


Master Planning for Airport Cities: the factors of success

Urban 1 Jun 2016

Airports are much more than aviation infrastructures. They have become multi-modal, multifunctional enterprises generating considerable commercial development within and well beyond their boundaries. Airport regions are developed as a ‘brand image’ also attracting non-airport linked business.


A brave new digital world? How water management is quickly becoming digitized

Water 25 May 2016

It is more apparent now than ever that the world of water management is quickly becoming digitized. The developments that we are seeing in technology are exciting. It’s clear that we have a wealth of information at our disposal which can be valuable in the context of asset management. The developments we’ve seen so far are just the beginning. The possibilities are endless.


Incident recovery: the investment dilemma

Transport 18 May 2016

The biggest threat to that is a major disaster, whether through natural events such as an earthquake or a terrorist incident as we saw recently in Brussels. A great deal rests on an airport’s ability to either continue to operate or get back up and running as soon as possible.


3 steps to integrated hospital design in the Middle East

Urban 17 May 2016

Developments in healthcare continue to move very fast – and that’s the same whether you’re in Europe, America or in the Middle East. The challenge the industry faces is to understand how we can best offer integrated hospital design with the ultimate aim of providing a great patient experience in hospitals across the globe which is also beneficial for the hospital owner.


Perspectives: Making cities future proof

Urban 12 May 2016

On the 14th of April 2016, during the Dutch EU Presidency, Amsterdam hosted the Innovation Expo. Over 5,500 thought leaders, government and captains of industry came together to share their thoughts and insights into innovative solutions for our urban environment.


The opportunities in the regional food and beverage market

Industrial 10 May 2016

Just recently, I attended Food & Drink Expo, the biggest industry show in the UK. The UK food and beverage industry is one of the most important and dynamic sectors across Europe – it’s worth a huge £197 billion.


A polder in 2016: shared ownership in flood protection

Water 4 May 2016

Centuries ago the first polders were created in the Netherlands. Now, the Netherlands is famous for these polders. We believe that proactive collaborative action makes flood risk management effective. One project for flood risk adaptation in the Botlek area is a fine example of the added value of such an approach.


Flood forecasting at Ghanaians' fingertips

Water 2 May 2016

In 2015, communities in Ghana’s capital Accra fell victim to devastating floods and fire which swept through the city. What if we could give Ghanaians more control over their own safety? Royal HaskoningDHV is developing a ‘Flash Flood Forecasting’ app which does just that.


Creating the 'Water Sensitive Airport' of the future

Water 2 May 2016

Airports play a vitally important role in economic growth and are essential hubs for connectivity and trade. We’re finding that while many airports may have a sustainability agenda of some sort, most are not thinking about a strategy for adapting to climate change at such a high level. That is why we have designed the ‘Water Sensitive Airport’ framework.


Don’t overlook logistics if you’re serious about reducing hospital costs

Urban 20 Apr 2016

Increased demand on hospital budgets comes from every direction – more patients, more specialised equipment, more complex problems, more elderly people. How vital therefore to find ways to exert a downward pressure on costs. That’s why optimising logistics flows is an important focus in design.


Designing for dementia: a new approach for residential care homes

Urban 13 Apr 2016

Where do you see yourself living when you are 85? I ask this question a lot and, without exception, the response is never social care housing. Why not? Why aren’t we building social care housing that you and I would want to live in when we are old?


Why technical understanding is essential in political policymaking

Industrial 13 Apr 2016

Public policy is crucial in determining how people and businesses interact with each other and the world we live in. The focus is on ethics and sustainability, for the good of the world. It is vital that technological skill and insights are a fundamental part of climate change implementations


The future of the passenger journey

Transport 6 Apr 2016

It was interesting to hear about some of the latest developments at Passenger Terminal Expo 2016 in Cologne at the end of last month. Here, I’d like to share just five points which showcase how the industry is moving to ensure that the passenger experience is continually being improved.


Five futures for the global aviation industry

Transport 18 Mar 2016

Last week, I attended the ACI 8th Annual Airport Economics & Finance conference where experts came together to explore best practice in airport investment, financial management and economic sustainability.


How can industry aid the transition to renewable energy

Industrial 22 Feb 2016

The industry in the Netherlands temporarily benefits from lower energy prices and decreasing price volatility. But for how long will this last?


A happy Anthropocene for everyone

Water 2 Feb 2016

We have entered the Anthropocene: a new geological era in which it is obvious that humanity itself affects the climate. What does this mean for those working in water?


Engineering under scrutiny - how sciences are re-defining the status quo

Urban 26 Jan 2016

When my uncle started working for local Dutch engineers Hasselt & De Koning in 1965, the reputation of engineers and their knowledge was more or less undisputed.


Water as catalyst for improved quality of urban life

Water 18 Jan 2016

By focusing on how water can contribute to enhancing society as a whole, water professionals need to leave their comfort zone and put themselves in someone else’s shoes. It also requires having the courage to let go of the familiar and accept a certain amount of uncertainty.


Your own industrial innovation campus

Urban 3 Jan 2016

For today’s businesses, it is crucial to work together on innovation with other firms and organisations. Co-creation and co-development with partner firms, institutions and universities are essential for being successful.


A tailored approach to asset management: when is outsourcing right for you

Urban 15 Dec 2015

We constantly rely on a whole range of assets which enable our day-to-day lives - whether that’s the bridge you drive over on your way to work, the railway tracks that enable your commute, or the pipes and wider water system that delivers fresh water to your home.


Save the Californian farmer!

Water 9 Dec 2015

California has been overexploiting its groundwater resources over the last decades, resulting in a steady decline of groundwater levels. California cannot afford to let the sector deplete its own resources. The sector should therefore demand the State to act now, bring a stop to unsustainable water use, and save the Californian farmers from future droughts.


Healthcare property as a strategic asset

Urban 30 Nov 2015

How many hospitals will disappear in the next ten years? Rumour has it that a great ‘shake out’ under mainly smaller hospitals is anticipated. Healthcare managers are faced with many uncertainties over which they have little control, such as political decision-making or demographic and economic developments.


Market research for urban master plans put the strategy at the core

Urban 25 Nov 2015

Programming new urban developments demands a solid basis. Statistical sources and market information play a crucial role in this. It might be expected that statistical data should be available from one central point, but the reality is often very different in developing economies. Another approach is needed in these situations.

Schiphol Airport | Royal HaskoningDHV

5 checkpoints for optimal systems replacement produce big cost savings

Transport 19 Nov 2015

Automation systems for industrial control and monitoring purposes generally need to be replaced after around 15 to 20 years. By that time, spare parts are no longer available and software platforms are no longer supported and sufficiently secured.


Of Space & Dust - Creating a Clean Room in Saudi Arabia

Industrial 16 Nov 2015

When clean rooms come to mind, usually images of pharmaceutical companies or medical procedures spring to mind. And, if you were to ask us what our day-to-day jobs usually consist of, you wouldn’t be far off. But every now and then our technological skills are required for another kind of job altogether.


Cool as Ice Cream

Industrial 15 Nov 2015

Last year, we got a call of critical importance. If we couldn’t help Durban-based brand giant Unilever build a new ice cream factory in Chloorkop, Tembisa to meet the local demand for ice cream within a limited timeframe, South Africa was going to face an ice cream shortage.


Success factors for Science and Technology Parks

Urban 11 Nov 2015

“Many have come to view science parks as a type of ‘silver bullet’ with the capability of dramatically improving a region or community's ability to compete in the global technology and innovation economy. The reality, however, is far more complex.”


Site design for Science Parks

Urban 11 Nov 2015

“The 21st century science park once again regards the built environment as vital, not as an end in itself but as an aid to the process of creativity, interaction and innovation,” John Allen said during one of the IASP conferences. This calls for new types of buildings, high-quality landscaping and the availability of a great range of services.


Advanced Process Safety Barrier Management

Industrial 11 Nov 2015

Whilst many will agree that the Oil and Gas (O&G) and process industries have been very successful in improving occupational safety, improvements in process safety management are lagging. This paper introduces a new approach to improve process safety management by proactive incident investigation to failed or impaired barriers.


Smaller oil companies picking up assets of the majors

Industrial 4 Nov 2015

Large oil companies are divesting their assets – but what’s the risk for indigenous oil companies? In many countries, International Oil Companies (IOCs) are in the process of divesting their ageing oil and gas assets.


Energy development strategies in small Arctic societies

Industrial 14 Oct 2015

Each Arctic state has defined energy development as a strategic goal in their national policy. The export potential and security which energy supply provides are often the main reasons why energy development is an important focus. But without the support of the local Arctic communities, is it possible for international energy companies to be successful?


New Recipes for Creating and Extracting Value in the New Economy

Industrial 9 Oct 2015

We all know that unsustainable businesses simply do not last, particularly when confronted with ecological, social or economic boundaries of what is possible or acceptable. But we also know that creating or switching to a sustainable business is difficult.


Reducing emissions in the chemicals industry

Industrial 7 Oct 2015

Originally set up to reduce gas emissions and fight climate change, the EU's emissions trading scheme (ETS) is not working as efficiently as it could be. Proposed changes this summer indicate that the European Commission has put forward changes for the next trading session (2021-2030) in an attempt to make the ETS more robust.


Bridging the renewable energy funding gap - The EU project funding spark

Industrial 15 Sep 2015

In a world under pressure from an increasing population striving for a better quality of life, the creation and maintenance of an effective energy supply has become vital to ensure societies can grow economically and achieve a reasonable quality of life.


A sustainable real estate portfolio pays off!

Urban 14 Sep 2015

In recent years there is a tendency amongst real estate owners to get a better grip on the sustainability performance of their portfolio. A sustainable real estate portfolio is after all better prepared for stricter ESG obligations, less affected by increasing energy prices and has more satisfied users.


New competitive edge for the chemicals industry

Industrial 7 Sep 2015

With traditional methods of achieving improved productivity almost fully exhausted, the chemicals industry needs to consider more collaborative approaches to win in today’s markets

Safety First - fire safety by Royal HaskoningDHV

Security first, at all times

Urban 25 Aug 2015

There’s a big difference between feeling safe and being safe. In many organisations and institutions, safety & security are cost items people often cut back on.


Ubuntu and the Circular Economy: “I am, because we are”

Industrial 17 Aug 2015

“I am, because we are” is the meaning of the African word ubuntu. This single word stands for the mutual dependence between one and another to survive.


Dutch showcases with artificial recharge for restoring the water balance of world's aquifers

Water 14 Jul 2015

Some months ago, I volunteered to study the new UN report World Water Development Report, the fifth in a row. It was described to me as 'a truly comprehensive document'. Indeed it is.


A Social License to Operate in the Arctic

Industrial 1 Jul 2015

As a Social (Policy) Consultant at Royal HaskoningDHV, one of my biggest passions is working on the societal aspects of industrial development in the Arctic, an area which is increasingly opening up due to climate change.


What makes a Smart City Smart

Urban 30 Jun 2015

Smart cities are all the rage when it comes to addressing the urban challenge. But what does it actually mean to be smart as a city? Is it really all about the technology? We need to redefine what constitutes a "Smart City".


Where have all the big ports gone

Water 24 Jun 2015

We have seen massive changes in the global economy affecting the distribution and volume of port markets in the UK, as well as changes to the regulatory framework and to the individuals in many of the organisations at the front line of water’s edge development.


Is it time for EU Industries to seize the investment moment

Industrial 22 Jun 2015

The time is ripe for investment. It may seem paradoxical but this may be the only card that EU industry can play to avoid irreversibly falling behind. The question is, how?


High-speed innovation for the chemicals industry

Industrial 11 Jun 2015

Europe’s chemical industry is coming under increasing pressure from countries outside of the Euro Zone as it tries to adapt to the changing market demands.


Data Centre Facility vs ICT Professionals

Urban 22 May 2015

Two distinct ‘blood groups’ work at today’s data centres: data centre Facility Management (FM) and data centre ICT professionals (ICT Pros).


EIAs and International ESIAs in Former Soviet Union Countries

Industrial 21 May 2015

One of the challenges for environmental specialists of the ex-Former Soviet Union countries (ex-FSU) is looking at the EIA/ESIA process from both the international and National requirements point of view.


Focus on collection and visitor provides opportunities for sustainability

Urban 18 May 2015

Museums have become increasingly aware of sustainability issues in recent years, as reflected by the certificates they have obtained like BREEAM and LEED.


It’s all about the farming – asset management for real estate

Urban 30 Apr 2015

All the players in the world of Real Estate have very different perspectives regarding buildings as assets.


Doing more with less in the chemicals industry via Lean Production

Industrial 8 Apr 2015

The EU’s chemicals industry is facing relentless competition on a global scale. The core issue today is the long-term affordability of access to raw materials and energy sources.


Fragmented management creates major property risks

Urban 31 Mar 2015

Financial institutions often see housing as self-evident but ‘non-core’. With the exception of the prestigious head office, office buildings are often at the bottom of the agenda. Is that justified?


Asset Management – what’s in it for me?

Industrial 25 Mar 2015

One of the basic elements or objectives of asset management is to make the strategic goals of the organization specific, transparent and understandable so that everyone can contribute to their overall success.


Risk based water saving

Industrial 28 Jan 2015

The important challenges looking at new water recovery technologies: realistic computation of cost savings and pro-active risk assessment of potential water saving options.


Reducing Risk of Flooding in Serbia

Water 23 Jan 2015

The DRR Team (Dutch Risk Reduction Team) represents the best in Dutch water expertise for rapid deployment at the request of foreign governments to prevent or minimise water-related disasters.


PAS55 vs. ISO 55000

Industrial 17 Jan 2015

In asset intensive organisations around the world, good asset management practices have evolved from many sources, converging over the last 30 years to international accord.


The view from seat 21C

Transport 23 Dec 2014

If we’re to continue to build a sustainable industry, there are a few things that need to happen next year.


Major accidents and the new offshore safety directive

Industrial 10 Nov 2014

In the oil and gas industry several major accidents caused an impact that resulted in new legislation for improvement of safety.


Applying the BowTie method to determine safety indicators

Industrial 10 Nov 2014

Different experiences and lessons learned from applying the BowTie method within (petro)chemical and pipeline companies.


A brief history of the circular economy

Industrial 30 Oct 2014

Today the circular economy is a hot topic. But what is it exactly? And, where do you start?


Cities: people before project

Urban 30 Oct 2014

By 2050, 66% of the world’s population will live in urban areas, meaning our cities need to prepare themselves for another 2.5 billion people.


The challenge for food security

Industrial 14 Oct 2014

Alternative models of product logistics are vital to provide enough food for future urban populations.


It's time for a change

Industrial 10 Oct 2014

What we get, what we add, what we forget: this is the main problem in current linear economy.


Shared entrepreneurship in the circular economy

Urban 22 Sep 2014

Will there really be a circular economy? My answer is yes, although there are still many hurdles to clear.


Urban densification - the sky is the limit

Urban 11 Sep 2014

Although expansions on top of buildings are quite common, there are possibilities not seen by most clients, architects and engineers.


India's urban future

Urban 3 Jul 2014

One third of the population of India lives in urban areas, but by 2050 that figure is expected to increase to half the total population.


Blending policy and practice for a better environment

Urban 3 Jun 2014

This month, the 25th anniversary of the first Dutch National Environment Policy Plan, providing us with a great opportunity to reflect on our contributions to the global environment.


Creating experience through engineering

Urban 15 Apr 2014

In my experience, people tend to assume that engineers are inherently rational, logical and methodical; creating quantitative solutions to meet the needs of our clients.


The future for water & energy

Water 14 Mar 2014

Look at some of the statistics surrounding water and energy and you’ll see why some think clean affordable water for all is not achievable this century.


Innovation: where reality matches rhetoric

Water 10 Feb 2014

Google the word ‘innovation’ and you’ll get 117 billion returns from a mix of different service, private, and public sector organisations all staking their claim to innovation.