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The great cruise industry turnaround – what underpins a good start?

Transport 11 Jan 2021

With Covid-19 striking last March, all cruise activity was subsequently halted, forcing cruise liners into survival mode – ships were being sold, scrapped or otherwise moored around the shores of Europe. But as we head into 2021, there is some cause for hope.

10 success factors for your housing and real estate strategy

10 success factors for your housing and real estate strategy!

Industrial 5 Jan 2021

‘Housing strategy', already a difficult concept to frame and easily subject to inflation, seems to have become an impossible subject with the lack of a clear vision of the future. Where are we going in the new year? Trying to draw up a strategy currently resembles a game of 'chess on a journey' - sitting on a roller coaster.


A crucial winter – the latest on the cruise industry crisis

Transport 11 Dec 2020

Over the last six months, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped and re-shaped our society through lockdowns and second waves – we have been keeping our eyes on developments across the cruise industry. It was one of the first industries to receive international attention at the start of the crisis and is still dealing with the impacts as well as an uncertain future.