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How smart is your port?

Transport 9 Jul 2019

It’s no secret that some aspects of port and terminal operations remain anchored firmly in the past. Many ports are developing comprehensive Smart Port strategies to help improve operations, embrace new technology and ultimately deliver better against their business strategies. But many don’t know where to start.


How does offshore wind fit into the UK energy mix?

Industrial 9 Jul 2019

Climate change is a global issue as a result of carbon emissions produced by human activity. Generating and harnessing energy from low carbon, renewable sources, such as offshore wind, is one solution to substantially reduce carbon emissions, whilst answering the challenges of meeting energy demand as part of a balanced energy portfolio.


The revolution will be decarbonised

Industrial 1 Jul 2019

How much is environmental compliance worth to you? You know you must do it, so you’ve probably put an Environmental Management System in place with large folders full of registers, forms and spreadsheets. But if something was to happen, and your site was shut down until you could prove you had been compliant, how much would that cost you?