30 May 2016

The underground parking garage in Katwijk aan Zee has been awarded the Best Dutch Building of the Year 2016 by the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA). The integrated design by Royal HaskoningDHV was selected from 125 submissions. In addition, it has also received the People’s Choice Award.

Het team na de prijsuitreiking | Royal HaskoningDHV

From left to right: Rudolf van Ee (Community of Katwijk), Jos Wienen (Mayor of Katwijk), Hans van Dalfsen (Community of Katwijk), Jurgen Herbschleb, Richard van den Brule, Freek Leber and Jan Brantjes (all Royal HaskoningDHV).

The underground parking garage in Katwijk aan Zee is the result of a multifaceted commission granted to Royal HaskoningDHV by the Municipality of Katwijk. Royal HaskoningDHV is responsible for the architectural design of the underground parking and translated this design into a Building Quality Plan. Based on this Building Quality Plan, Ballast Nedam, in cooperation with ZJA, engineered the integral design (architectural, functional, structural and installation) for the realization of the parking garage. "The underground parking is ground breaking not only because it is an exceptional building, but it also illustrates how the Netherlands have to be innovative in its approach when it comes to protecting our coastline for the future,” according to Hanneke Groenteman, Chairman of the Jury.

Innovative design

Royal HaskoningDHV architect Richard van den Brule said, “The underground parking is carefully embedded into its natural dune environment so as to respect its surrounding landscape. We are very proud that the understated elegance of this building has been recognised and won the BNA Best Dutch Building of the Year 2016.”

The parking garage is part of Kustwerk Katwijk, a project which seeks to protect the coastline of Katwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands. The team took an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to this project, taking into considerations the need for defensive coastal protection, functional parking requirements as well as the desire for a landscape design which is in keeping with its coastal environment. 

Landscape integration

The jury finds the parking garage to be an “exceptionally beautiful object”, which links the town to the sea seamlessly through its integration with the natural environment. 

The meticulous detail of the design is reflected in the robust construction, both above and below ground. The detailed aspects such as lighting, curvature and landscape were complemented by a flawless execution.

The jury recognises that this project is a stellar example of what the creative collaboration between engineering and architecture can bring as it harnesses the strengths of the design and engineering prowess to provide an innovative and sustainable solution, conveying its unique sense of place. 

Spanning over 500 metres, the garage was opened in February 2015 with a capacity to accommodate 663 cars. 

Parties involved

  • Parking garage: architecture, consulting, contract & contract supervision: Royal HaskoningDHV
  • Landscape architect: OKRA Landschapsarchitecten
  • Contract management: WB de Ruimte
  • Dyke consultant: Arcadis
  • Contractor: Bouwcombinatie Ballast Nedam/Rohde Nielsen
  • Design engineer: Adviesburo Snijders
  • Installation consultant, building structure: De Bosman Bedrijven
  • Lift installation: Liften- en Machinefabriek Lakeman
  • Facade cladding: Metadecor
  • Detailing: Ballast Nedam Engineering with Zwarts & Jansma Architects

Safe and beautiful Katwijk coast

The underground parking garage is part of the Kustwerk Katwijk project. The project is a joint collaboration of the Municipality of Katwijk, the Rijnland Water Authority, the Province of South Holland and Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Ministry of Waterways and Public Works) along with those directly involved in creating a safe and beautiful Katwijk coast with good parking facilities.

About the BNA’s Best Building of the Year

BNA’s Best Building of the Year is the Dutch architectural prize awarded annually by the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA). Alongside architectural quality, the award also takes into consideration the use and amenity value, the added societal value and the quality of the collaboration.

BNA Het beste gebouw van het jaar 2016 | Royal HaskoningDHV

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