Aquasuite BURST provides a real-time solution for detecting when leaks and bursts occur.

BURST makes use of Aquasuite’s proven prediction of flow, pressure & demand.  The prediction is allocated to nodes within the network and compared with real-time data to highlight anomalies and identify leaks.

BURST Alert learns the variance at each node and uses this to develop a very accurate alarm threshold variance for each node.  The real time flow is compared instantaneously to the nodal prediction and to a rolling summation of flow to identify smaller leaks & bursts.  The self-learning capability of BURST ensures all alarms are genuine alarms.

BURST Find further enhances on Aquasuite BURST Alert’s leak detection ability by localising new leaks and bursts.  BURST Find uses real time feedback from network pressure sensors together with its nodal prediction of pressure to identify an area within the supply zone where the new leak & burst has occurred.


  1. Self-learning automated detection of leaks & bursts
  2. Insightful interface
  3. Reduced time to repair
  4. Reduced leakage volume
  5. Improved customer service
  6. Improved resilience
  7. Reduced costs