26 Sep 2016

As part of this year’s European Waste Water Management Conference, 11-12 October 2016, technical expert Andrew Thompson will be delivering a presentation on the new Nereda technology and the step-change it is set to introduce within the water industry.

Held at Manchester Town Hall and run by Aqua Enviro, the conference is now in its 10th year.  It is the UK’s leading conference on problems and solutions for the management and treatment of wastewater.  Andrew Thompson, Technical Manager at Royal HaskoningDHV – specialist technology partner and owner of the Nereda technology – will be presenting at the conference.

"Nereda is the new standard in wastewater treatment"

Andrew explains:  “Nereda is rapidly becoming the new standard to replace conventional activated sludge processes, with an installed base to exceed five million population equivalent by the end of 2017. Utilising granular technology, Nereda has demonstrated significant improvements with regard to process stability, effluent quality (Ammonia<1mg/l, TN<5mg/l, TP<0.3mg/l), and energy savings of 30-50% compared to traditional processes.”

With over 30 plants in operation and under construction around the world and the first UK Nereda plant due to come into service in 2016 – along with others in the design and construction stage – there is already a high level of interest in the benefits this new technology can provide.  The presentation at the conference provides a platform to share the current performance of the technology both in the UK and further afield.

The accompanying paper also explores how Nereda technology can be combined with other technologies such as advanced anaerobic sludge digestion, to create wastewater treatment works that generate more energy than required for treatment.  It also examines the opportunity for the addition of resource recovery technology, such as struvite and alginate recovery, to create the possibility of developing profitable wastewater treatment.

The presentation: ‘Nereda - an innovative technology for cost-effective, energy efficient, sustainable and profitable wastewater treatment’, will be delivered at Aqua Enviro’s European Waste Water Management Conference, 11 – 12 October 2016 at Manchester Town Hall.

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