Modern water management is about efficient Information Technology.  It’s about the monitoring and optimisation of processes, about smart solutions and big data management. Aquasuite offers smart solutions for the entire urban water cycle.

 Aquasuite is the ultimate monitoring & control software platform for the water sector that combines prediction and machine learning algorithms with smart controls powerfully and reliably. This robust and proven platform, with over a hundred connected water systems around the world, is modular and flexible and has a user-friendly web interface.

8 out of 10 water supply companies in The Netherlands use Aquasuite® OPIR.

The platform is inter-operable with practically all automation solutions and can be integrated with other smart solutions.

Aquasuite® is an open and transparent software solution that seamlessly integrates with virtuallyevery process automation or information system.

The unique combination of Royal HaskoningDHV’s strong domain knowledge in water with key process automation and IT expertise proves a strong basis for product development and creating real value for our clients. With Aquasuite you will be better equipped during the day-to-day operation to maximise the potential of your assets.  

About our company

RoyalHaskoningDHV is an independent global engineering consultancy and technology provider with a focus on innovation and sustainability. We strongly believe in collaboration, sharing expertise and working together in order to connect people, experience and technology. Our employees use their imagination, ingenuity and skills to secure the safety and availability of water.