SDG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructureDespite steady improvements in manufacturing output and employment, renewed investment will be needed to build essential infrastructure and ensure the doubling of industry’s share of GDP.

The average Dutch driver will spend approximately 40 hours a year stuck in traffic. Apart from the loss of valuable time, these vehicles also burn an unnecessary amount of fuel, with road transportation contributing to 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Thinking of ways to stimulate the flow of traffic and prevent congestions can contribute to solving both of these problems.

With FLOWTACK, Royal HaskoningDHV has created an application that aims to accomplish this. FLOWTACK combines information gathered from traffic signals and autonomous vehicles to display the current flow of traffic and predict where traffic is likely to start congesting. Road authorities can change the way traffic signals prioritize certain vehicles based on this information, potentially reducing the time people get stuck in traffic and subsequently preventing their vehicles from emitting unnecessary CO2. Read more