Crystalactor™ offers a sustainable (waste)water treatment solutions for municipal and industrial water in a widest range of application. The crystallization process purifies water, harvesting high-purity pellets which have proven to be reusable or for commercial off-take.

Crystalactor technology is just one example of our track record in developing client-oriented and sustainable water treatment solutions and technologies. We offer end-users and project partners a full range of services at any stage of a Crystalactor application. We design and implement efficient, easy-to-operate plants which can be tailored to your contract preference. Our operational services range from plant start-up through to operation and maintenance support.

Currently there are more than 70 Crystalactor Plants in operation or under construction on all continents. Please click on the buttons on the map below to read more information on some of these plants and our customers, licensees and partners.

Crystalactor References all over the world

Image: Crystalactor References all over the world (Image made with Google MyMaps)