Lead with sustainability

Committing to sustainability in your operations and assets helps secure the long-term future for your organisation and the community. 

Whether large or small, your organisation will be seeking to adopt sustainability in business activities and assets. Secure your long-term license to operate, enhance your reputation and ensure continuity in the face of tightening regulation – and above all else, do better business.  

Translate your sustainability ambitions into feasible strategy and implementation with our multi-disciplinary sustainability consultants. We are intrinsically motivated to enhance society together with our clients. You can rely on sustainability being an integral part of your project, delivering an efficient solution to benefit your triple bottom line: people, planet and prosperity.

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Build certainty into your investment agenda by a viable business case for your sustainability ambitions

Our extensive consultancy expertise supports you with a clear plan to achieve and exceed your sustainable objectives, ensuring you invest in a sustainable industry. We help you to achieve green manufacturing where renewable production processes and environmentally friendly practices in manufacturing businesses are established. 

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Keep ahead of changing legislation with a roadmap to lead the way in your sector
To meet detailed sustainability reporting standards our in-house experts provide insight and practical guidance to future-proof your organisation and help you stay ahead of the game. 
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Ensure business continuity with a sustainable reputation, secured by de-risking your portfolio

Strengthen your position by removing reputational risks - not only across your organisation but throughout your supply chain - with circular thinking, strategic partnerships and new mobility and supply chain concepts. 

Discover how to lead

White paper

Are you ready to embrace sustainability?

Where and how to move forward on the journey to sustainability? The white paper elaborates on key areas such as how sustainability ambitions are translated into viable strategies and the transition to feasible, impactful actions.
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White paper

How are FMCG companies paying the way for green investment?

Justifying investment to reach your sustainability goals can prove
to be difficult. The white paper elaborates on key areas such as:

  • Top strategies on prioritising green expenditure
  • Justifying expenditure for green investment
How are FMCG companies paying the way for green investment? - cover

Sustainability solutions

How can you incorporate people’s well-being and resource security in your route to sustainability? 

People and resources 

In a world of finite resources and delicately balanced ecosystems, organisations need to protect both the environment and people’s health and wellness. Local resources contribute to population health and happiness by offering employment and prosperity for local people. However, extraction and processing are damaging the environment around us. A sustainable future requires a holistic approach towards green manufacturing - placing people and planet alongside traditional profit-only measures of success.  

Health, safety and well-being will be embedded into the design and construction of sites to enable your people to thrive. Understanding stakeholder views will help you explore how best to adapt to new demands, through stakeholder mapping tools, governance details and environmental information. You will keep everyone informed through materiality assessments and corporate sustainability reports. Safeguarding your resources will be achieved through circular principles, and supply chain sustainability and transparency will be increased via digital tools and big data. 
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How can you reduce energy usage and make the transition to zero carbon sources?  


Strong and sustained reductions in CO2 are essential – and urgent - to limit climate change.   

In a fast-changing energy landscape with emerging technologies, it is challenging to identify the best way forward. Our sustainability consultants can help you understand the options, risks and mitigation to achieve your ambitions towards sustainable industry, reduce your carbon footprint and secure long-term continuity.  

Our energy transition experts turn strategy into action by assisting you in plotting the route to low carbon, reducing usage, increasing efficiency and switching to renewable sources. Applying structured business case planning will help you make short- and medium-term investments that safeguard your reputation and competitiveness. Explore potential consequences to make informed decisions through our digital modelling programs, parametric design and digital twins.  
How resilient is your organisation to water-related risks, in the face of water shortages and extreme weather events?  


Water contributes to four of the top five environmental risks in the 2021 WEF Global Risks Report. By responding to these risks, organisations support social, environmental and business resilience. 
Digitally driven services and platforms allow you to analyse and mitigate flood risks across your assets and your supply chain. Water resilience is further enhanced by reimagining wastewater as a resource. Gain expert recommendations from our sustainability consultants on digital solutions for water and wastewater treatment and recycling such as Nereda® and Aquasuite®. Reducing water demand is an important route to efficiency, delivered through our smart solutions, while sharing water resources co-operatively is a proven approach in water-stressed zones. We develop partnerships, benchmarking and certification via the Water Stewardship Framework. 
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How to secure raw materials, cut waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions?  

Transitioning towards a circular economy 

Take on a more circular business approach, strengthen resilience against resource scarcity and reduce your carbon footprint by moving towards green manufacturing 
Circular practices will future-proof your operations against the demands of tightening legislation. These practices offer competitive advantage in an environment where scarce raw materials increasingly fluctuate in pricing and supply. What’s more, with materials accounting for 30% of global CO2 emissions, a circular approach is essential to meet emission reduction targets. Introduce circularity into your strategic agenda and discover the opportunities with the holistic approach of our multi-disciplinary experts to take concrete steps towards building a circular economy. 

Leading with sustainability projects

Food production site

WaterScan: 80% raw material recovery and 50% water reuse 

An integrated view across the entire production process for a multinational food plant has resulted in an energy-neutral evaporation method for glucose recovery. With an 80% raw material recovery and 50% water reuse the company minimises its environmental impact and improves efficiency in line with its strategic commitments on sustainability. With Royal HaskoningDHVs WaterScan approach, a clear and prioritised overview of optimisations could be achieved. 
Production technology site

ASML facilities management portal: 25 percent less energy   

A new bespoke facilities management portal developed for ASML has contributed to a significant reduction in energy and water consumption. This supports the semiconductor company’s sustainability ambitions and contributes to long-term growth/de-risking of the company portfolio. Royal HaskoningDHV helped ASML clarify the original brief, define the scope of the project, and worked with the contractor on the design to ensure it met the client’s needs and was feasible.  
Design of industrial site

Supplying Dutch industry with emission-free hydrogen

Emission-free hydrogen is expected to play a vital role in the transition to a carbon-free Dutch industry. The Institute for Sustainable Process Technology initiated the Gigawatt Electrolysis Factory to explore the design of a Gigawatt electrolyser to scale-up and meet demand. Royal HaskoningDHV is contributing to the programme, helping regions identify where large-scale H2 production sites can anticipate the development of a future GW electrolyser.
Water treatment plant

Smart solution for effluent treatment: €2m OPEX saving  

Royal HaskoningDHVs Aquasuite® Anaerobic Controller resolved the client’s issues – which were leading to excess OPEX of €2 million annually – in treating effluent from pulp and paper operations, after they extended their plant with two new anaerobic reactors. Aquasuite advanced process control software uses soft sensors, predictions and process monitoring to regulate the organic load, autonomously optimising operations 24/7. 
Jeroen Thyssen - EMEA and america's team lead sustainable manufacturing


EMEA and america's team lead sustainable manufacturing