Digital transformation

Making a smooth transition to better ways of working requires making effective use of digitalisation while cutting through the complexity of it. By combining our digital capabilities with our sector knowledge, we shift the narrative from reactive decision-making to real-time and predictive control – giving clients the insights and agility they need in today’s world.
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Data solutions

In volatile, uncertain and complex environments, data is always at the heart of successful operations. It provides the insight needed to identify new risks and opportunities, optimise and streamline processes and react quickly to changing environments and demands.

Digital consultancy

Today’s world is volatile, complex and fast-moving. Customers, potential employees and regulatory bodies are all demanding more, and to meet their expectations you need to find new ways to create value. Doing so requires a delicate balance of the right capabilities. But how do you know where to start?

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Enabling digital rail to deliver next generation mobility

Harnessing digital technology to create efficiencies, optimise performance and enhance sustainability for the rail sector. Our digital railways solutions provide our clients with better control by optimising time and resources, ultimately delivering a reliable, safe and more comfortable customer experience.

Digital twins: where physical meets digital

Our world is changing, quickly. Rapid innovation and widescale digital transformation are producing new challenges for organisations in every sector. But along with these challenges come new opportunities. Digital twins have the potential to radically transform the way we think and operate as a society—providing the insight and agility needed to turn reactive decision-making into proactive problem-solving.

Digital Twins
Smart ports

Smart Ports

Today’s global port and terminal network faces a multitude of challenges; from the ongoing pressure to reduce running costs, to ensuring appropriate security measures; from facing the pressure to ‘go green’ and mitigating against climate change, to utilising the immense amount of data they generate daily. In answer to these challenges, Smart Ports combine digital innovation and tools with operator intelligence; enabling ports to work more efficiently and streamline operational costs.