Protecting processes and the backbone of societies

In the next normal, being well-prepared for anticipated disruptions and having the flexibility to adjust to unanticipated disruptions will be vital. Globally, societies need to elevate transportation, public infrastructure, critical production facilities and supply chains to a new level of preparedness and safety.

Governments,  communities and businesses all over the world have shifted their focus from business as usual to ensuring the backbone of society continues to function; from the supply of clean water and food, to the availability of safe environments such as cities, transport hubs, hospitals, schools and work places.

The ability to combine in-depth knowledge with predictive insight, digital tools and applications will be a fundamental part of anticipating and navigating the new reality.

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Ports, Airports and Connectivity – Keeping our Economies and Societies Moving

Whether by land, sea or air, connectivity and the flow of goods and people depend on the resilience of our operations, systems and structures. As the aviation industry responds to unprecedented pressures and ports, airports, terminals and shipping lines prepare for the next normal, we are working to ensure that organisations have access to the insights, expertise and ingenuity that will keep our economies and our societies moving. From engineering technologies, to smarter, digital and automated operations, find out how we are helping the maritime and aviation sectors respond to the “now” and prepare for the future.

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Whether public or private, for organisations and businesses around the world, health and safety is a top priority in ensuring continuity. Collaboration and information-sharing will become increasingly important in the Covid-19 recovery process. From applying data to predict people flows in crowded places, to jointly addressing the acute needs of the healthcare sector around contamination control, air treatment and technical infrastructure, exchange will be central to this. Virtual models that allow monitoring and management at distance are just the beginning. 

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Critical Infrastructure & Facilities

Keeping people connected through reliable systems and critical infrastructure enables a quicker return to our new reality in the wake of global disruption.  As we reassess business systems, highly resilient infrastructure ensures uninterrupted service to communities that are reliant on public transport, airport and ports as well as safe water treatment and supply. Extending the lifespan facilities such as data centres and IT systems supporting healthcare systems ensures a resilient return. AI-powered solutions provide accurate predictions, helping to automate operations in real-time and securing constant, uninterrupted delivery of critical infrastructure & facilities at all times.

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Supply Chain

Supply chain challenges are expected to intensify during the Covid-19 pandemic which means businesses must anticipate and adjust quickly to changes in demand. Ensuring business continuity so that supplies reach their customers and destinations is essential. From ports and airports, to warehousing and logistics, supply chains require rethinking. Process simulation tools together with IoT, data integration, data sharing and digital supply chain engineering can ease the task of predicting and managing disruptions. By gathering and evaluating data holistically, more optimised solutions can be developed to bring sustainable benefits across the supply chain.

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A proven playbook to shape the next normal in our public space

With the peak of the pandemic believed to be behind us, cities need to re-imagine access to public space and shape the next normal for daily life amid distancing guidelines.

From communal town squares and shopping streets, to transport hubs and infrastructure, Royal HaskoningDHV is working in close collaboration with clients and partners to revolutionise and optimise the way people move and interact across our cities.

Bringing strategic insights, seamless implementation along with latest technology, we enable cities to better manage access to public space. This helps people to travel safely and comfortably while allowing businesses and economies to recover and thrive so that we can emerge stronger than ever before.

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